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Destiny: Here’s How To Find All Hidden Ghost In The Crucible

With the most recent update allowing Guardians to partake in Private Matches in Destiny, there comes a little side-job to find all hidden dead Ghosts in the Crucible. In this guide, folks will learn how to find all 25 dead Ghosts. Destiny is out now for PS3, Xbox 360, PS4 and Xbox One, while Rise of Iron is set to come out September 20th.

If you want, and if you are in a hurry to find all the Ghosts, there’s a video below by Destiny Guides showing where all the Crucible Ghosts are. The video only runs for seven minutes, and covers all 25 of the Ghost locations.

Alright, time for the long stuff. Below details all 25 locations, thanks to the video above.

The Anomaly: Near the flag C and the moon rover should be the Ghost between a wall and a crate.

Asylum: Once again, near the C flag and the screen and benches, the Ghost should be located in tall grass near a hallway.

Bannerfall: Near the B flag and main courtyard, head over to the Rift and jump right into the interior building. The Ghost should be waiting on the table.

Bastion: Near the much loved Flag C is a Ghost lodged in a rock formation.

Black Shield: When going to the B flag from the C flag tunnel, the Ghost is lying on the left side of the ground.

Blind Watch: Head to the A flag of the map and go left. There should be a shadow, and in the shadow should be a Ghost on the ground.

The Burning Shrine: Go to the “Sun Side” of the map and enter the kill barrier near a large square. Behind the square to the left should be a Ghost.

Cathedral of Dusk: Go to the chasm and you should see a Ghost on the right of the crypt box.

The Cauldron: Go to flag B, and on the steps drop down into the water. In the corner to the left of the small tunnel should be a lower room that contains the Ghost.

Crossroads: Head to the teleporter near the left of the tree and you should find the Ghost.

The Drifter: Head to flag B and follow the railing. once you come across the Heavy Ammo spawn go right to a wall and there you’ll find the Ghost on the ground.

The Dungeons: Go to the tunnel that takes you through flag A to flag B, and head to the Special Ammo box that spawns there. After turning around, check a corner to the left and you should find the Ghost.

Exodus Blue: Go to the building with the acronym Poba (Russian Federal Bureau of Aeronautics) on the wall, and head inside the doorway and turn right to find the Ghost.

Firebase Delphi: Head to the room where the Heavy Ammo spawns, keep going until you see the Ghost near the back wall behind a metal cylinder.

First Light: On the domed building near the edge should be a Ghost placed between some crates to the left.

Frontier: Head to the cliff near flag A and you should be able to find the Ghost buried in the bushes.

Memento: Near a red car, the Ghost is right near some Special Ammo through a doorway.

Pantheon: Directly to the left below the raised platform where Alpha spawns, there should be a Ghost near flag A. This should be near the edge of the chasm.

Rusted Lands: Escape the battle zone near flag B, walk over to the wall at its mid-point and jump over it. You should be able to find the Ghost on the side of the wall.

Sector 618: Head to the Fallen barrier right near the middle of the map, you should see the Ghost sitting on the middle platform.

Shores of Time: In between flag A and flag B is the Ghost, which is near some crates and boxes.

Skyshock: Head to the butt-end of the ruined plane. In the water near the tail of the plane should be the Ghost near some grass.

Thieves’ Den: Behind the Spider Tank should be a pile of gold stuff stacked up near a wall, here is where you will find the Ghost.

The Timekeeper: At flag A you will find a narrow broken wall. Jump up the wall and on top you will see the Ghost.

Twilight Gap: In the middle of the map there is a stack of boxes. behind the back end of the stack is a Ghost sitting on top.

Vertigo: After going down some stairs after spawning at flag B, take a hard right and you should come across the Ghost.

Widow’s Court: Head to the broken stairs on the way to flag A. The Ghost is placed on a platform to the left.

Destiny is out now for PS3, Xbox 360, PS4 and Xbox One. Rise of Iron will come out for PS4 and Xbox One, which is set for September 20th.

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