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1426680cookie-checkFinal Fantasy XV TGS 2016 Trailer Puts A Strong Focus On The Story

Final Fantasy XV TGS 2016 Trailer Puts A Strong Focus On The Story

Ever since the game was announced, we haven’t really learned a lot about Final Fantasy XV’s story in a general sense. Yeah, we’ve seen dozens of trailers by now but with the game’s impending launch in November, most people probably couldn’t tell you what Noctis and his traveling boy-band’s motivations are other than to look like a walking CG Abercrombie & Fitch ad.

Well, Square finally changed things up by focusing squarely on the fallout from the Kingsglaive: Final Fantasy XV movie, giving gamers a really down-to-Earth tie-in to Noctis’ hometown, Insomnia, falling victim to a Pacific Rim 1.5 attack. We finally start to see character motivation and growth taking place, making Noctis and his calendar boys seem like more than just pretty boys on a road trip. You can check out the trailer below from GameTrailers to see just how far along Final Fantasy XV has come.

This is probably the first trailer where I’m genuinely excited to see what happens in Final Fantasy XV. It’s not just eye-candy and panoramic shots of beautiful locations. There’s a lot of threads picked up from the ending of Kingsglaive that they directly reference in the game. It will be very interesting because all of the four main characters were completely out of the loop of the events that happened in the movie, and I’m sure there will be some flashback scenes to help fill in the people who have not seen the movie (or choose not to, even though it comes bundled in with certain physical copies of the game).

I also love the one scene near the end of the trailer where Gladiolus literally says to Notcis what we’ve all been thinking… that he’s a spoiled brat! I nearly did a fist pump when Gladiolus dad-talked to Noctis like a bratty stepchild from a failed marriage.

Anyway, you can look for Final Fantasy XV to launch on November 29th for the Xbox One and PS4. Sadly no PC version has been announced but it would be really cool if Square Enix showed a little love to the Glorious PC Master Race.

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