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1427370cookie-checkGran Turismo Sport TGS 2016 Video Previews Lackluster Gameplay

Gran Turismo Sport TGS 2016 Video Previews Lackluster Gameplay

If you’ve been keeping track of the development of Gran Turismo Sport, you would know that the game has been delayed from out of its fall, 2016 window into the unknown parts of 2017. To help satiate the need for more info and content while gamers deal with the long wait for the PS4 release of the upcoming racing title, some new footage was previewed at this year’s Tokyo Game Show.

YouTuber Red’s 3rd Dimension Gaming posted up a 12 minute video featuring gameplay of Gran Turismo Sport that you can check out below.

The video basically cuts out all of the unnecessary talk and vapid promotion and instead cuts toward the actual gameplay of Gran Turismo Sport to give gamers a look at the in-game racing, featuring various Toyota, Walkenhorst and Nissan racing machines.

There are a couple of things that are readily apparent. The graphics don’t look anywhere near as sharp or as realistic as Project CARS, which is a huge disappointment. The lighting is very flat, and the reflective detail looks very scaled back.

The sounds also aren’t very impressive. I understand the game is still in development but even early in development the least one would expect from the game is to have decent sound effects for the cars being showcased to the public.

The actual race isn’t anything too special. The physics don’t look anymore improved than what was in Gran Turismo 6, and the core selling point seems to be the VR capabilities, which might also explain why the graphics are so sub-standard.

It’s hard to get excited for Gran Turismo Sport given that there isn’t much to get excited about. Most of the features appear to be carryovers from Gran Turismo 6, and the graphics are a grade behind the high-end racers currently available on PC. Sony and Polyphony Digital seem to be hedging their bets on the e-sports community, but it’s a dangerous thing to rely on the e-sports sector to carry the prestige and interest of the game. Very few games have managed to make that transition, and I don’t have very high hopes that GT Sport can do it.

Nevertheless, you can look for the game to launch sometime next year, running at 1080p and 60 frames per second.

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