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1425770cookie-checkLone Developer Project Prospero 15c Passes Through Steam Greenlight

Lone Developer Project Prospero 15c Passes Through Steam Greenlight

The single man project named Prospero 15c, which is set in the universe of Prospero, passed through the Greenlight segment on Steam. Noted to be a first-person survival horror game, the dev explains that players’ wits will be tested against an exoplanet’s harsh conditions in an attempt to survive.

If you like first-person games and traveling strangely constructed environments, I think Prospero 15c is an indie game worth keeping an eye on. If this is your first time seeing this game and seek to learn more about it, you can read the official description below.

“Set on an exoplanet, with a vast hostile ocean, black sand beaches,
and newly established research facilities scattered across it’s surface.”


Gameplay footage of Prospero 15c is up and comes in by the creator himself, davidhaymendesign. Running for two minutes and six seconds the video is view-able below.

There’s a couple of things that I think the dev needs to consider before releasing the game as a whole. First, while the game is still in early development a weekly or every two week update would be nice, this will help to keep fans of the project excited and up-to-date about 15c. The posting doesn’t need to be long or act like a burdening chore, but something to help build traction for the project.

Second, I think gameplay mechanics need to be clear in future videos or updates. For starters, will there be shooting, iron-sighting, minimal gun use, or puzzle solving mechanics? If specific features that help the game stand out are clear like unconventional puzzle solving, a linear experience that dives into strange yet gripping story telling, or an open world that has story telling sprawled throughout the exoplanet, that will definitely help out defining the game’s overall goal when folks come across 15c.

Aside from creating trailers that are clear and concise with gameplay footage in the future, and weekly or monthly updates that describe what’s going on with the project, I think David Hyman is on the right track with his solo game. I just hope the game doesn’t turn into another walking simulator clone.

For more information regarding the universe of Prospero and the game 15c, you can head on over to

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