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Mafia 3 Video Shows 9 Minutes Of Police And Brutality

If you wanted to see some raw and unedited footage of the upcoming open-world action game from 2K Games and Hangar 13 Studios, there is some new gameplay footage available showcasing the main character, Lincoln Clay, doing some serious and brutal damage to the police and mobsters alike.

The clip starts off with Clay in a parking lot, walking around for a little bit before heading into the opposite lot to steal a car. The design of the lot and the placement of the cars, along with the structure of the small commercial complex help give the game a very authentic and realized feel. This was something that 2K did very well with Mafia II and based on what I’ve seen in the videos, Mafia III has some of the best looking and most realistically designed environments I’ve seen in an open-world game. It actually looks like a real place.

But enough of my rambling, you’ll want to check out the gameplay footage from Mafia III for yourself. You can view the video below courtesy of IGN.

After getting into an impromptu shootout with some fellas in a four-door, Clay ends up drawing the attention of the police, which results in him running over a cop who attempts to arrest Clay.

A chase scene ensues.

The chase doesn’t last for very long and isn’t all that intense. It’s short-lived and eventually deescalates into just driving around until Clay ends up at a gas station where he brutally kills three men.

A small VW-style Beetle is commandeered where an open-world tailing mission is undertaken, showcasing one of the game’s more organic side-quests that can be picked up just by driving around and interacting with the game world.

Throughout the nine minutes of video footage the scope of the map is highlighted, revealing a large and spacious urban playground for players to interact with.

The tailing mission ends up at a back alley where Clay discovers a mafia card game taking place in a small warehouse filled with drugs. He manages to blow up the drugs and so some damage to the bad guys, resulting in some violent and very brutal takedowns. The theme of the encounters seemed to be brutality.

Clay eventually burns the drugs in the warehouse and then heads out down the street where he kills some guys hanging out down the street. The clip ends as Clay steals a car, gets chased down by cops, attempts to run and then finds himself getting shot in the back. Sounds like the kind of story you might read nowadays on the Washington Post.

Anyway, Mafia III is due for release on October 7th for the Xbox One, PS4 and PC. You can learn more by checking out the game’s official website.

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