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Metal Gear Survive TGS 2016 Trailer Reveals Gameplay

Have you been curious as to what the first ever Metal Gear game will be like in the post-Kojima era of Konami? Well, the Japanese publisher revealed the first look at the game at this year’s Tokyo Game Show in Tokyo, Japan.

Niche Gamer caught wind of the trailer that was recently posted up over on QKonami’s YouTube channel, featuring 15 whole minutes of gameplay. Check it out below.

The game’s setup sounds pretty interesting. Groups of Mother Base soldiers must acquire material and goods in order to make their way back to their world after being transported to an alternate world. The mission they’re on is about retrieving a transmitter to send a distress signal through a nearby wormhole.

The zombie creatures can only be killed by taking out the glowing thing on their body… sometimes it’s located on their back, sometimes it’s on their head.

In one instance a slingshot is used to distract a zombie so another player could run up and smash them into a row of spikes.

Much like Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain, stealth still plays a strong part in the game since taking on the zombie creatures can be dangerous head-on. In one segment a creature grabs a player’s leg and injures them, resulting in the player having to hobble around until they heal their leg.

After killing a zombie it’s possible to Fulton them away for supplies using the wormhole Fulton. Since there are no helicopters, standard Fultons no longer work.

Metal Gear: Survive

The open world structure and teamwork oriented gameplay is actually pretty cool. But if you’re expecting dynamic gameplay beyond what was in the standard Metal Gear Solid V, you’re expecting too much.

The zombies actually aren’t much harder to kill than in Resident Evil 5, and that’s actually what it reminds me of a lot.

For some missions it will be required to protect some items, and it turns into a standard zombie defense mission.

In between rounds or missions, you can actually use crafting tables from the materials you’ve sent to Mother Base through the wormholes to instantly teleport material through the wormholes, such as fences and barricades. It doesn’t make a lot of sense given that if you can wormhole materials from Mother Base why can’t you just teleport yourself through the wormholes?

Anyway, the concept isn’t bad and the execution is solid (mainly because it’s just a conversion mod based on the Phantom Pain gameplay) but the game seems a bit soulless. In a way, it reminds me of a more mechanically efficient, Fox Engine-polished and higher production version of State of Decay.

One thing that is pretty cool is that objects like fences are affected by weight, which is pretty awesome. Seeing the zombies clamber over the fence and knock it down due to their weight is actually a nice touch.

Metal Gear Survive is due for release in 2017 for the Xbox One, PS4 and on Steam for PC.

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