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1426370cookie-checkNiOh Due For Worldwide Release February 9th, 2017

NiOh Due For Worldwide Release February 9th, 2017

During Sony’s Tokyo Game Show presentation, Koei Tecmo took to the stage to announce that the highly anticipated hack-and-slash RPG, NiOh is due for worldwide release on February 9th, 2017. It kicks off a rather large 2017 for Koei, who also unveiled a new IP called Musou Stars, which features many of Koei’s top stars in one game.

Koei has been releasing new information and details on NiOh all throughout this year, giving gamers plenty to look forward to as far as gameplay and character details are concerned. Unfortunately while Koei may have unveiled the official release date for NiOh they didn’t follow it up with any new gameplay footage.

Don’t worry, though. If you’ve never seen NiOh in action there have been plenty of videos posted up to give you an idea of how the game looks. Additionally, they released a demo with several hours worth of gameplay so you can get a solid idea of how the game is played. Think of it as Koei’s version of Dark Souls meets Onimusha.

You can check out four hours worth of gameplay courtesy of YouTuber Shirrako.

The combat looks solid enough and if you’ve ever wanted to have Geralt from The Witcher running around blasting down Japanese demons from ancient lore using nagatas and katanas, then NiOh seems as if it will fulfill that desire.

The launch for NiOh isn’t that far off, even though previously the release window seemed to point to a 2016 release. At least Koei has a solid release in place, so long as they don’t delay the game.

Gamers the world around can look to get their hands on the hack-and-slash RPG starting February 9th, 2017 next year for PS4.

If you still need help deciding whether or not you want to be excited for the game, just check out the various YouTube videos of the game’s demo to see if it’s to your liking. If it’s too much of a Dark Souls clone for your tastes, then maybe you should wait for something more original. If it appears to placate your desire for more Dark Souls gameplay, then be sure to keep $60 set aside for the game’s launch next year.

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