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1426600cookie-checkNiOh Tokyo Game Show 2016 Trailer Shows Hon-Nouji Location And More

NiOh Tokyo Game Show 2016 Trailer Shows Hon-Nouji Location And More

Koei Tecmo and Team Ninja’s NiOh is a game that I’m really looking forward to playing. Although there are some issues with some of the mechanics, at least the devs are addressing them as we speak. But, while we wait for the game to release a new trailer shows off a new Location named Hon-Nouji, along with new faces. NiOh is set to come out February 9th, worldwide, for PS4. 

As of the new trailer that was released during the Tokyo Game Show showing nice in-game footage of NiOh, some bevy details can be found in the video. This spans across characters and environments.

One new place in particular consist of Hon-Nouji, a place that sports new enemies. Frozen over and accompanied by snow, the new area is said to hold Ittan-Momen and Nouhime. The monsters set in this location will most likely be harder than the ones in the trail version, if not harder.

Thanks to the new trailer showing more than a glimpse of the new characters, which have a spotlight in some previously shown screenshots, the other new environments also make an appearance as well. These new features can be seen below in the recently posted trailer.

If you didn’t notice, characters like Shiki Chokin and Kurii are in the video above. Also making an appearance in the video is the blacksmith that will sell goods to you so that your journey will be somewhat easier. You will be able to sell other goods to him and get your weapons repaired.

Honestly, NiOh is shaping up to be pretty interesting especially since it holds a Demon Souls level of difficulty, and more dynamism of Bloodborne. Hopefully the game will deliver on launch so that we can see more of NiOh in the future.

If you are excited about NiOh, the game is set to release worldwide on February 9th, for PS4.

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