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1427810cookie-checkROKH Set To Hit Steam Early Access Early 2017 For PC

ROKH Set To Hit Steam Early Access Early 2017 For PC

Posted up on Kickstarter a few months back and shortly afterwards canceled, publisher Darewise Entertainment and developer Nvizzio Creations somehow got enough funds to keep ROKH’s production going. The game will hit Steam Early Access early 2017, and will be for PC.

Better known as an MMO sandbox Mars colonization game, the title attempts to bridge together a variety of new features into one experience. Ssome kind of way the devs behind ROKH managed to pull some money together after canceling the space game’s Kickstarter, luckily, no one got scammed and the campaign on Kickstarter wasn’t used to get extra funds by abusing fans finances.

However, the game will release sometime early 2017 for PC, and holds a lot of familiar indie features. For starters, players will be able to build cities, houses and other structures, along with a crafting system that is similar to other indie games with said mechanic.

The game focuses mainly on players building up Mars, and will support gunplay and exploration:

“As a newcomer on ROKH, you must find ways to survive by exploring Mars in your basic astronaut suit, looking for resources. Oxygen, food, water, temperatures and radiations – all your life support systems will have to be cautiously managed. Build your base alone or with your crew to have a better chance of living the big life on this hostile planet. Crafting items will allow you to spend more time outside and protect yourself. Trade with other players and do your best to maintain peace; you would not want to fight with your fellows in such a hostile environment.”

A new trailer sits below showing all of the new features in ROKH. Running for two minutes and 24 seconds, you can look over all of the new stuff that is now in the game — thanks to Darewise Entertainment.

To be honest, I don’t know how the finished product will turn out. Especially seeing how the Kickstsarter was canceled for this. Hopefully the devs know what they are doing and can deliver a good game in the end, I’m sure that will please a lot of the fans supporting the game since day one.

For more information on Darewise Entertainment and Nvizzio Creations, you can hit up to learn more.

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