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1427160cookie-checkSecurity Hole, Cyberpunk Spatial Puzzle Game Launches Sept 28th

Security Hole, Cyberpunk Spatial Puzzle Game Launches Sept 28th

Anrael recently announced that the upcoming spatial puzzle game set within a cyberpunk universe called Security Hole is due for release on PC starting September 28th. The upcoming title sees players having to intellectually battle through a variety of hardcore, randomly generated levels that will push both their sense of perspective and their wits to the limit.

The game is about a mission to save humanity by brute-forcing one’s way through a series of mentally taxing security protocols. Quite naturally, the only way to get through those protocols as a hacker is to breach various security holes, hence the name Security Hole.

The challenge of the game has as much to do with being able to identify shapes and match them up as it does with understanding how to redefine one’s perspective in order to make seemingly unmatchable objects match up. You can see how the game is played out with the trailer below.

It’s not all just one single kind of series of objects or a collection of the same kind of puzzles. The game really pushes for some unique problem solving skills.

At first I thought this was going to be yet another Tetris clone, where you have to rearrange blocks and set them in order to progress, but it turns out that it’s a slightly different kind of puzzle game.

The theme of the game plays out almost like an entire slice of Deus Ex‘s hacking segment but focused solely on the infiltration aspects. It’s basically an isolated slice from games that have small hacking-oriented puzzle segments in them.

I don’t know exactly how much playability you’ll be able to get out of a game like this, but it could end up being interesting for people looking to challenge their logic skills and perception abilities.

You can look for Security Hole to launch on September 28th for PC on Steam. For more info feel free to check out the Steam store page.

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