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Shadow Warrior 2 Goes Gold In Prep For October Launch

Flying Wild Hog just announced over on their Facebook page that Shadow Warrior 2 has gone gold and is ready for launch this October on PC.

The gold master disc means that Shadow Warrior 2 will be prepped and ready for release on October 13th next month.

The team has been working on the game and showing it off all throughout the past two years. Originally I wasn’t too into Shadow Warrior 2 because it looked kind of passe; it looked as if it were just another first-person shooter with generic bullet-sponge demons from Asian mythology. However, recently Flying Wild Hog and Devolver let loose a video showing some gameplay of the sort of cyber-Tokyo setting where we got to see all new enemies, a completely different set of weaponry and some brand new stages set in a futuristic, Oriental city. It looked like something out of Ghost in the Shell.

The highlight of that gameplay video was the fact that there were some really cool weapons on display, such as the laser katana, which didn’t just slice and dice enemies into pieces… it did it in style.

If the game manages to maintain a fresh set of environments to explore, a varied cache of weapons to acquire and plenty of hard-hitting, first-person action, I can easily see Shadow Warrior 2 becoming an instant new-age classic. In a way, it might be the closest thing we get to a TimeSplitters 4.

New to this game is the multiplayer co-op, allowing for up to four players to join in on the action and participate in some high-tech ninja warrior combat.

The game has been fine-tuned to center around a loot-and-grind mechanic, where players can seek out different kinds of weapons and attempt to get stronger weapons with various effects. It’s a little bit like Borderlands and a little bit like Revenge of the Ninja fused together.

Shadow Warrior 2 is due for release first on PC starting October 13th and then there are plans to have it appear on the Xbox One and PS4. For more info or to pre-purchase the game you can check out the Steam store page.

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