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1426330cookie-checkSlain: Back From Hell Lands On PS4 September 20th

Slain: Back From Hell Lands On PS4 September 20th

One of the coolest and most badass side-scrolling pixel games is prepping to release later this month on the PS4. In fact, Slain: Back From Hell will launch next week for Sony’s console on September 20th for $14.99. The game will launch on Xbox One on October 5th, and on the PS Vita starting November 1st.

Digerati Distribution released a trailer highlighting some of the improvements in the Back From Hell edition of the game, giving gamers a good look at some of the revamped combat, new enemies, improved controls and the awesome music and animation effects that bring it all to life. If you missed the trailer before you can check it out below.

The thematic elements of the game remind me of Demon’s Crest and Chakan: The Forever man, just updated with special effects fine tuned for today’s gaming machines, and a hard metal soundtrack to put you in the mood to hack and slash the unwanted wretches of hell.

I’ve loved all of the development teases and images that were released by Wolf Brew leading up to Slain’s original release. The animations packed into tight little gifs and the screenshots showing the hero wielding massive broadswords and flame-dripping axes reeked of awesomeness.

After having a bit of a stumble out of the gate, Wolf Brew took the criticism to heart and decided to fix up the game for a proper re-release, adding new combat mechanics, improved gameplay, improved controls and enough content to keep the masses happy.

Now that Slain: Back From Hell is receiving high marks and sound praise, they’re taking the journey to the PS4, featuring up to six hours of gameplay, elemental based weapon and magic attacks, three different unique weapons fine-tuned for the various hordes of hell, and lots of bosses to fight against.

It’s rare we get games that are just authentic about giving players a challenging experience with a thorough focus on goading them into being a badass, but I’m glad Slain is here to remind us what those kind of games used to be like back in the 16-bit era.

You can get your hands on Slain: Back From Hell on PC right now on Steam or or, or you can wait and pick up a digital copy for the PS4 starting September 20th, ahead of the launch on the Xbox One and PS Vita later this year. For more info be sure to visit the official website.

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