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1427170cookie-checkSlain: Back From Hell Now Available On PS4, Coming Soon To Xbox One

Slain: Back From Hell Now Available On PS4, Coming Soon To Xbox One

Wolf Brew Games took the time to completely overhaul their side-scrolling, hack-and-slash action game after they originally launched it and received a lot of negative feedback over the poor controls, lack of customization and the overall poor compatibility for the game. The overhaul came in the form of the Back From Hell edition of Slain!, bringing it up to par to what gamers originally expected from the title.

Well, now that Slain: Back From Hell is a worthwhile venture and has won back the trust and adoration of the PC gaming community, Wolf Brew Games and Digerati Distribution have announced that the rock-and-slash, hardcore platformer is currently available for purchase on the PlayStation 4 for $14.99.

I know a lot of people have been complaining about the PS Plus offerings lately, but this would have been a perfect game to give away for free for PS Plus members. Anyway, it’s at least available for purchase from the PS Store, and you can check out the trailer below if you have no idea what the game is like.

New to the Back From Hell edition is the inclusion of three brand new bosses, 30 additional achievements, and six extra monsters.

The additional content is coupled with improvements to the playability, such as being able to launch counter-attacks against enemies and having a more dynamic combat system than the vanilla version of the game.

Nick Alfieri, director at Digerati commented about the release of the game on the PS4, saying in the press release…

“Slain may have began with a rocky start, but our overhaul of the gameplay system and features has made Slain the ultimate gruesome, bloody platformer,”


“All those that have played Slain: Back from Hell have praised the updates and we’ve seen our community drawing comparisons to the classic game Castlevania, which we hope PlayStation 4 gamers will experience as well.”

The game has been described in some ways as Castlevania meets a Van Halen concert. That seems like an apt description.

You can grab a digital copy of the game from the PlayStation Store right now. If you didn’t know the game was already available for PC, you can grab a copy from the Steam store. If you’re keen on getting the game for the Xbox One, you’ll have to wait until October 5th.

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