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Spareware: 4 Player Co-op Shoot’em Up Coming To Steam This October

Spareware is a four player cooperative arcade shoot’em up game, developed by Rusto Games.

The story is about a robot revolution where humans and their military forces have gone to war against machines that are slowly trying to save the world from humanity itself, but the twist is that you are playing the robots.

You are fighting against waves of humans that have set up defenses to fight you off, and you will have to battle through three procedually generated levels to dominate your opposition, including locations such as Las Vegas, Helsinki and London. The developers released a teaser trailer for Spareware to showoff a little of what the game is like, so take a look at the video linked below.

Spareware will also feature a local campaign mode for 1 to 4 players, as well as a PVP arena mode that can have up to eight players battling against each other competitively. Furthermore, you will have about 26 different parts that changes your robots statistics an appearance.

I’m not entirely sure how the part system works in game, but it sounds like your parts can become damaged and fall off which allows you to collect new ones while out on the field. Or perhaps, you simply locate new parts while aventuring through the stages and then use those parts as upgrades after you finish the level? We’ll see when the game launches.

Spareware will also feature four unique skill trees for you to follow and progress through, with up to 36 abilities for you to upgrade your robot.

On top of the abilities name above, you will also have 12 weapons for you to use in battle. This gives you quite a bit of vareity for you to customize your robots based on your playstyle. Check out this second gameplay video that shows off about two minutes of action to give you a feel for what Spareware is actually like in game.

Spareware was first released for the Xbox One back in March, and now that it has been voted through by the Steam Greenlight community it is currently preparing to launch this October for PC. If you are interested in learning more, you can visit the game’s Steam Store page for further details. Make sure to also check out the developers website for additional information and details about the game.

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