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1427640cookie-checkStellar Tactics, Space-Adventure RPG Enters Early Access On Steam

Stellar Tactics, Space-Adventure RPG Enters Early Access On Steam

Maverick Games has recently launched their hybrid space-adventure title, Stellar Tactics, into Early Access on Steam. The game sees players building up a party of mercenaries to venture across the vast expanse of space, consisting of 10,000 different sectors and almost countless amounts of planets and systems to explore.

Stellar Tactics features both a main story and various side-quests that are dynamically generated to give gamers unlimited amounts of replayability. After recruiting some mercs, building a ship and taking on some missions, players can travel down to the surface of planets where the game turns into an isometric, turn-based RPG.

Combat tactics, unlockable skills and various planetary conditions will all play a role in how effective a team can be during battle. You can see a little bit of what the gameplay is like with the trailer below.

Stellar Tactics features 40 different ships to acquire, each with their own pros and cons. Players will engage in active, real-time ship battles in space, requiring skills to both out-maneuver and out-gun opponents.

But if questing and completing missions isn’t your sort of ideal space adventure, you can actually do stuff like become a space pirate, or engage in trading across a variety of trade routes using marketable commodities. There’s a dynamic economy in the game that can alter and fluctuate based on your actions.

It’s also possible to scan systems, find planets with rare resources, dig them up and sell them for dosh. The game mixes in a bit of Starbound with Mass Effect and a bit of a 4X grand strategy game.

If you want to try your hand at Stellar Tactics it’s currently available on the Steam store in Early Access for $19.99. According to the developer the game will spend some months in Early Access but there’s no definitive time frame on when it will graduate into a full launch. For additional info be sure to visit the official website.

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