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The Division Update 1.4 Public Server Test For PC Is Now Live

After a delay that occurred some time back, Ubisoft finally launched Tom Clancy’s The Division’s update 1.4 server test for PC players. Yes, I know, it only took a while, but you can finally play test the glitchy game’s update now. The Division currently is out for PC, PS4 and Xbox One.

The public test for The Division’s servers are now live today for all PC players. The reason behind the update being pushed back by two weeks is due to the devs wanting to fix several issues with the game, but seeing how The Division was built on glitches that’s inevitable to fix.

To help speed up the process of squashing bugs and testing the servers, along with giving pointers with the newly added content, players who participate in the test will be granted access to a level 30 character. This character will hold access to better equipment with noteworthy gear, which is said to help flesh out the new World Tier system that will be present in update 1.4.

Furthermore, to launch the test you will either need to download The Division PTS from My Games in UPlay, or by going in the Library section on Steam.

Seeing how the developers botched the previous game so with all of its problems, players will essentially be downloading a new game that will call for 45GB in order to install the client separately from the game. However, this means that your saves and other stuff shouldn’t be affected, hopefully.

Update 1.4 introduces changes like four difficulty settings, lower enemy health, less squishy characters on higher levels, improved game balancing/scaling, changes to the loot system, world components getting a boost, and patrolling bosses like the Bullet King and more.

Lastly, expect a lot of bugs during update 1.4’s test and after it drops. I know Massive and Ubisoft will try to cut down any bugs and exploits as fast as they can, but seeing how every game that tries to punish player to participate in a grind fest holds massive exploit spots, there’s no doubt that it will be even worse after the update.

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