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1426100cookie-checkTitanfall 2 Trailer Outlines Titan And Pilot Customization

Titanfall 2 Trailer Outlines Titan And Pilot Customization

Respawn Entertainment is getting ready to face down against the fall horde of AAA blockbusters and over-hyped shooters. Titanfall 2 will have some stiff competition to deal with despite having more sales opportunities for being on the PS4. Leading up to its coveted release by fanboys and FPS fans alike, Respawn let loose a new trailer featuring just over a minute’s worth of livery customization for the characters, weapons and Titans.

The trailer outlines how players will be able to customize their loadout, giving their pilot, Titan and weapons distinct looks before entering into a match. This includes changing up the livery with all sorts of patterns and layers, as well as giving your characters the sort of coloring that will either make other players envy you or laugh.

You can see what some of the customization looks like with the new Titanfall 2 trailer below.

There are a lot of ridiculous, over-the-top color schemes and liveries on display in the video above, but I’m guessing they did so in order to show gamers just how distinct and varied their selections are.

One of the other cool elements they briefly discuss is utilizing the liveries to camouflage in with the various stages. Going with concrete colors in an urban setting could help you blend more if you’re a pilot looking to get a drop on opponents. Alternatively, jungle camo while in a stage filled with greenery and foliage might be optimal for a Titan attempting to avoid being easily spotted despite being a behemoth on the battlefield.

It’s a neat approach to customization assuming there’s no actual highlights outlining the enemy characters during a match. I mean, obviously if there are outlines then it completely defeats the purpose of camo.

You can look for Titanfall 2 to drop on PC, Xbox One and PS4 on October 28th. Some gamers are super worried about it being trumped in sales by Battlefield 1 but hopefully EA knows what they’re doing and they didn’t setup one or the other to die at the hands of cannibalization.

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