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Ubisoft Quietly Launches Champions Of Anteria

If you didn’t ardently follow Ubisoft like some kind of pesky ex with a stalker complex, you probably would have clearly and cleanly missed out on the news that their latest real-time strategy, action-RPG called Champions of Anteria, was out and available on PC.

The game sees players in control of five heroes out to save the land from big band monsters. It’s a typical high-fantasy, high-adventure quest filled with magic, weapons, leveling, looting and larger-than-life boss fights.

Recently Ubisoft released a story trailer to give gamers an idea of what Champions of Anteria is all about. You can check it out below.

So if that really didn’t give you a good idea of what you can expect from the gameplay of Champions of Anteria, Ubisoft had previously released an overview video hosted on their YouTube channel where they talk up the features and gameplay of Champions of Anteria. You can check that out below.

As they explain in the video, the characters will auto-attack once they’ve been assigned to an enemy unit. Players, however, can use the pause feature to tactically and strategically plan out how they want each of the characters to perform on the battlefield. This includes using deployable units to help aid during combat, or dispensing of enemies by using various magic attacks.

While the adventuring is one part of the game, there’s an entirely second part of the game that involves kingdom building. You can increase and upgrade your kingdom to help buff your heroes, increase your resources and expand your reach. They describe it as being “light”, so don’t expect the diplomacy and strategic elements from Civilization in Champions of Anteria.

The game is available right now through Uplay for PC. A demo is available for free if that’s what you’re looking for. You can learn more by visiting the official website.

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