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Watch 11 Minutes Of Koei Tecmo CEO Kou Shibusawa Play NiOh

During Tokyo Game Show 2016, Koei Tecmo took to the stage to showcase Team Ninja’s game that is following in the footsteps of Dark Souls. The RPG action game NiOh, like many other games at TGS 2016, was showcased and played by Koei Tecmo President and CEO Kou Shibusawa.

The CEO of Koei Tecmo recently got on stage during the Tokyo Game Show event to show off Team Ninja’s latest game. The playthrough only runs for about 11 minutes, and stands as a demonstration showing what NiOh contains.

The content in the video reveals Jorogumo. If you are curious to see if Shibusawa defeats Jorogumo, skip to 31:33 courtesy of PlayStation Japan.

Coming in as added information, Koei Tecmo also released the changes that will occur on NiOh’s release thanks to the Alpha and Beta. You can read the changes that will be made in the future due to player feedback:

  • Balancing and pacing will be adjusted
  • RPG elements will be adjusted
  • Interface clarity will be more prominent
  • Training stages will be added to explain the game better
  • TPS controls will be revised
  • New moves will be added as well as old moves to be adjusted
  • Player and enemy damage will be adjusted
  • Enemy stamina will be tweaked
  • Weight and agility of armor will be inspected
  • Stages will be looked over and redesigned
  • Enemies in the Twilight Missions will be adjusted
  • Enemy detection and dropping edges/collisions will be changed
  • Enemy AI tracking and groupthink will be adjusted
  • Bosses will gain more attacks and different patterns
  • Staggering and homing abilities will be changed
  • Item maximum count will be increased
  • Re-Forge, Soul Match and the Blacksmith will be adjusted
  • Reward types will be revised
  • Camera angles will be adjusted
  • Camera auto-correct will sport on/off options
  • Co-op play, enemies and other options will be changed
  • Movies can be skipped after a boss is defeated in co-op
  • Frame rate issues will be fixed
  • Several bugs to be addressed on full release.

You can read the full rundown over on NiOh is set to come out worldwide for PS4, next year on February 9th.

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