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Aragami, Ninja Stealth Game Launches For PS4 And Steam

If you’ve been starved of a good ninja stealth game and desiring something to play that channels a little bit of Otogi: Myth of Demons and Tenchu into one supernatural, stealth-oriented, ninja action game, you’ll likely want to check out Aragami for PS4 or PC.

The third-person title recently launched as a digital download for $19.99. Lince Works’ game features multiple levels with scenarios where you can choose how to take down enemies.

Players take on the role of a vengeful spirit who works in the shadows. Summoned by a girl imprisoned in a fortress by an evil lord, players must discover the supernatural abilities afford to Aragami and unsheathe the secrets of Kyuryu.

Angry Centaur Gaming did an eight minute video covering the gameplay details and what you can expect from the title, which you can check out below.

Ouch… frame drops on a GTX 1080? It doesn’t sound like Unity works out too well for more demanding games, or Lince just didn’t put in enough time optimizing the visuals for a variety of lower and higher end cards.

Even still, Steam users are giving the game a lot of positive feedback so far, and most of the helpful reviews highlight that this is the spiritual successor to Tenchu that a lot of PSX fans have been desperately waiting for, with Redzero UK writing…

“This is every Tenchu players dream – there’s been a real drought of stealth games involving ninja’s but this satisfies my hunger for sneaking about and there’s a really nice art style to it too.”

Unlike Tenchu, however, the objective in Aragami is to move around the shadows in the stages and take out enemies unseen. This creates a complex series of tactical choices that can be employed as players will attempt to utilize magic and steel to dispatch foes while avoiding the light. The added bonus of cross-platform multiplayer and online co-op means there’s plenty of replayability to be had with the game. Plus, I can’t remember the last time we had a cooperative, stealth-action ninja game on home consoles.

If you want to pick up a copy of the game you can do so by grabbing it off the PlayStation Store or from the Steam store. For further information be sure to visit the official website.

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