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Capcom Reveals Monster Hunter XX For Nintendo 3DS

Capcom has announced Monster Hunter XX for the Nintendo 3DS during a Nintendo Direct feed. According to the live feed that is now over, the game is currently set to launch in Japan on March 18th for 5,800 yen in stores, and will cost around 5,546 yen when downloaded digitally.

It should come in as no surprise that I’m quite excited for Monster Hunter XX, seeing how it will also treat players who participated in previous games in the MH series when it debuts in Japan, which I’m sure it will come West and will provide the same treatment.

In addition to this treatment, save data from previous games will be compatible if you have save data from Monster Hunter Stories. The data will not only carry over but will also grant Felyne armor that completely turns your Palico into the RPG spin-off’s Nabiru (with their respective voices included).

Monster Hunter XX is said to be a follow up to Monster Hunter Generations, which in Japan is known as Monster Hunter X. Adding on to that information regarding the giant monster hunting game, Capcom revealed some new features that will be in XX. For starter the Brave Style hunting style will bring continuous attacks that link into powerful strikes or quick evasions.

The game will also sport another feature that is currently hidden under question marks, but will be a new style. Furthermore, new Hunting Techniques have been added to all 14 weapon types that will change those 14 weapons up.

Looking over to the field and maneuvers, Prowler Mode actions have been buffed as well as Felyne actions with the addition of a trample jump, which is accompanied by better evasion skills. XX will also offer new fields like Igun Peak, and a new desert location that will test hunters’ skills.

The new game will also introduce a new base under the moniker of Ryuushiki Ship. The ship base appears to hold content of both a village and a ship, which this base contains vendors that offer up G-Rank Quests.

Like any new entry in the Monster Hunter series comes new monsters to hunt. So far we now know of two monster that will be in XX, which go by the names of Ouma Diablos and Balfark. The Ouma is a dangerous beast with big horns, while the Balfark is a silver-winged monster that can change forms.

Monster Hunter XX is set to launch in Japan on March 18th, and will be available for the Nintendo 3DS. Before signing out, there are two videos you can watch below showing the game in action. The former comes in by Capcom‘s channel, while the latter video (that starts at 0:39) comes in by Nintendo.

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