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1429010cookie-checkDie With Glory: Viking Platform Adventure Game Is Greenlit for Steam

Die With Glory: Viking Platform Adventure Game Is Greenlit for Steam

Die With Glory reminds me of the old classic games that made your childhood feel complete. Kind of like when a game wants to capture that nostalgic retro feel of the classic 90s era adventure games while still using modern day technology to create something new and unique.

Developers Castle are the ones behind this 2D platform adventure game that follows a Viking on his grand adventure to Die With Glory. He has fought large battles, he has saved lives, he has showed great bravery while staring death in the eyes, but he lived through it all. Now, in his old age all he wants is one last great journey, one final battle that will allow him to Die With Glory so that he can join his ancestors in Valhalla.

One point that really makes the game seem interesting is that they say this is a non-linear choose your own adventure game, so you will have multiple choice options for how the story will play out and which adventures you would actually like to take and explore. I also appreciate that they went with a high quality cartoon graphics style instead of following the common trend of pixel-art that most indie titles seem to be using.

The only thing that bothers me a little bit is that the game appears to be made with mobile devices in mind, so it has a point-and-click control scheme made for “touch and tap” devices. For PC, the game instead uses the mouse, so it isn’t a classic arcade style platforming game, but more of a 2D point-and-click side-scrolling platform adventure game.

Regardless, take a look at the official Die With Glory trailer that I linked below that covers the basic story and showcases the gameplay so you can decide for yourself.

Both the official Die With Glory website and the Steam Greenlight page lists the game as having a fourth quarter 2016 release date, and now that the game has officially been accepted by the Greenlight community, we now don’t have long to wait for this game to launch.

If you would like to learn more about Die With Glory, make sure to visit the provided links up above to follow the progress of the game.

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