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1430900cookie-checkEurogamer Censors Comments Mentioning CON Leaks To Protect Zoe Quinn

Eurogamer Censors Comments Mentioning CON Leaks To Protect Zoe Quinn

Crash Override Network had a series of leaks occur that revealed that the abuse and harassment organization was involved in doxing, targeted harassment and sabotage. The leaks were covered extensively by Washington Examiner and Heat Street. Journalists have tried covering up the leaks by avoiding talking about them since it shows that co-founders Alex Lifschitz and Zoe Quinnwere  partaking in the harassment that Quinn supposedly talked out against and blamed #GamerGate for throughout 2014, 2015 and 2016.

Eurogamer was caught with their pants down when they posted up a puff piece to continue to promote Zoe Quinn and her latest project, but some of the commenters were having none of it. They began linking in articles and content in the comment section revealing Crash Override Network involved in targeted harassment, doxing and corporate sabotage.

The article was posted up on October 27th, 2016 in the early morning, and before comment moderator MrTomFTW was able to log in, users began pointing to the Crash Override Network leaks, as evident in an archive of the article before it was moderated.


However, if you check the page now, you’ll notice that Shadow Dancer’s comment and others were edited or deleted by moderator MrTomFTW. In particular, Shadow Dancer’s comment now states “*Take witch-hunts elsewhere please*”

People begin to point out to MrTomFTW that he’s actively ignoring and trying to bury the sabotage, doxing and harassment from Quinn and the rest of Crash Override Network. As you can see in the most recent archive there are a bunch of deleted comments, including MrTomFTW trying to remove his own comments where he attempted to defend Quinn and Crash Override Network.

While many of the comments are now deleted, MrTomFTW stated…

“Late to the party, but assuming it was the same GG dribble I think it was, and you all want to reassure yourself that Quinn is the real bad person and all the shit she’s received is therefore justified… Yeah take that to Reddit or start a blog or something.


“As the edit says, Eurogamer won’t host comments that perpetuate or support witch-hunts. Take them elsewhere.”

After realizing that debating with people in the comment section was proving fruitless since the facts were clearly stacked against him, MrTomFTW decided to just create a comment wasteland by deleting and editing many of the comments.



You can check out what some of the comments were like before MrTomFTW began heavily censoring anything that pointed out Quinn and her friends were involved in illegal activity by scoping out the imgur album.

User Kryon pointed out that the old comments were not filled with insults but simply highlighted the harassment and doxing committed by Crash Override Network, writing…

“Yep, he did the same to all of us, and not one of the comments he deleted had a single insult, threat, or any other toxic value to them, they were simply comments calling out people who doxx, harass & threaten, but it seems Eurogamer is now pro all of the above as they silence anyone who dares even mention it…. “

Just for reference, according to, they make it known that doxing people intentionally is “always illegal”. The fact that Eurogamer would promote someone attached to an organization who clearly doxed people as part of the “opposition research” falls dangerously close to being complicit in covering up this illegal wrongdoings while also trying to hide that knowledge from the public.

Other news media outlets such as The Guardian, Birth.Movies.Death, Business Insider, Develop and CBC have also all opted to avoid even bringing up the Crash Override Network, showing clear targeted harassment and doxing, after they spent a majority of 2014 and 2015 promoting Zoe Quinn and Crash Override Network.

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