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1430690cookie-checkFamitsu Reveals New Screenshots And Battle Details In NieR: Automata

Famitsu Reveals New Screenshots And Battle Details In NieR: Automata

Are you curious how NieR: Automata’s battle system will be? Famitsu has you covered if you are scratching your head over the matter; they provide a bevy amount of screenshots, too. NieR: Automata will debut on February 23rd in Japan, and early next year for PS4 and PC via Steam for the West.

For starters, the new update that Famitsu posted covers One-Handed Swords, Two-Handed Swords, Melee Weapons, Basics of Battle, Evasion, Pods and Upgrading.

One-Handed Swords

One-handed swords in NieR: Automata stand to be easy to use weapons that are balanced in attack power, speed and range. Creating combos are said to be easy and will connect with an abundance of other techniques. According to the screenshots it looks like dual-wielding will be a thing in Automata.

Two-Handed Swords

There will be heavy and big swords that call for two-hands to wield in Automata. These two-handed swords dish out a lot of damage and sport long reach, but their attack speed is so slow that it will leave you open to enemy attacks.

Melee Weapons

Yes, there will be fist type melee weapons in the game that offer speed over range. These fist melee weapons can chain combos together quickly and are unmatched in one-on-on combat.

Basics of Battle

Battles are said to play out in Automata seamlessly on the world field. For PS4, Famitsu notes that Square is your speedy attack and the Triangle button is your heavy attack. Depending on the combinations that are put in will unleash new combos and attacks.

Players will be able to set their favorite weapons to the speed attack, and heavy buttons. Additionally, players will be able to wield up to two weapon sets, and switch between sets instantly by using the D-pad — even during the middle of an attack to create different combos.


Evading attacks on the PS4 version can be initiated by pressing the R2 button. Evasion can be activated during any segment of battle and can even lead into an evasion dash.

Upon dodging an attack successfully, the player will turn invincible for a short amount of time. The player will be able to connect exclusive techniques if they attack during the invulnerable segment.

Pods and Upgrading

Pod support can be activated by using the R1 button on PS4 to gun down enemies from afar. It will auto-lock its shots with the enemy, but the player can also lock onto targets with the L2 button. Pods can be upgraded by going to maintenance shops found all throughout the game, which will change their basic abilities like attack power and attack variations.

NieR: Automata will also feature an Auto Mode for users who are disabled, or are looking to get into the game with a helping hand. Veteran gamers or folks who feel that they are good shouldn’t look into activating this feature seeing how it is restricted to the Easy Mode difficulty.

The Auto Mode also features a settings option that allows for certain actions to activate it. In addition this calls for close-range or long-range attacks, or only for evasions.

NieR: Automata will debut on February 23rd in Japan, and early next year for PS4 and PC via Steam for the West. Lastly, I’ll leave you with some screenshots that Famitsu posted up.

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