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Here’s How To Build A Working Car In My Summer Car

Amistech Games just released My Summer Car on Steam and with the game out, there are some people scratching their heads with monkey wrenches pondering how to get their jalopy working. Well, in this guide folks will learn how to build a working car in My Summer Car.

If you don’t know what My Summer Car is about the game’s official description sits below, which provides a basic summary of what to expect when playing:

“My Summer Car is the ultimate car owning, building, fixing, tuning, maintenance AND permadeath life survival simulator. You start the game with hundreds of loose parts and assemble both car and engine.”

Assuming all goes well when building your first Summer car you will be able to drive it around different 1990’s Finnish countryside locations. Aside from not using commonsense on the road, you will basically be doing stuff that will raise eyebrows when playing this game, if you can get your car working.

If you can’t get your car working, hopefully two videos will help you out so that you can get your jalopy running correctly on the blacktops. The two videos that provide additional details on how to build a car come in by YouTuber DeivisBiceps. They cover how to put in the engine block, which pieces you’ll need to get the engine running, how to get the starter setup, the ignition and more.

Once you are done with your car and seek to test the finished product, you can enter it by crouching and pressing the button you have bind to your key(s) to enter. You can start the car (if it is put together correctly) by holding down the left mouse button on the ignition, and you can disengage the handbrake by holding down the right mouse button.

If you are seeking more help in trying to get your Summer car up and running correctly, there is a full rundown on My Summer Car Wikia that veteran fans post on to help out with any problems.

My Summer Car is out now for $14.99, and currently holds a 10% off special that drops the price down to $13.49 until October 31st. You can learn more by heading on over to Steam Early Access, or by hitting up the eyesore main site

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