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1428930cookie-checkHero’s Song Set To Hit PC Via Steam Early Access On November 7th

Hero’s Song Set To Hit PC Via Steam Early Access On November 7th

If you are the type of gamer that likes to create worlds and then jump into them and seek out lore that spans from a year to thousands of centuries, I think Pixelmage Games’ Hero’s Song might be something worth checking out. Currently sitting on the Steam “Coming soon” page, Hero’s Song is set to come out for PC on November 7th.

There are some games out there with randomly generated worlds that are lacking certain elements regarding depth and lore. Most games, especially indie games, throw players in a randomly generated place and expect them to enjoy an empty land filled with monsters. I’m not sure if Pixelmage Games can do the opposite with Hero’s Song, but the game is said to hold streamlined lore pertaining to a world that is made out of thin air.

“Hero’s Song is an open world roguelike fantasy action RPG featuring a beautiful 2D pixel art style. Explore vast, mysterious, and living worlds of your own creation; and seek the power of the Gods alone or with up to 200 friends on your own server.”

Yes, I know, the typical tags of Roguelike and randomly generated in an indie game are overused greatly, but if Hero’s Song keeps true to some of the base elements that the devs noted on the game’s site or Steam page, I think Hero’s Song could be decent.

Anyways, actual gameplay footage and an explanation of the game can be seen in the official five minute long trailer. The video trailer comes in by Pixelmage Games.

I hope that the game gets frequent updates and other support like WASD/arrow key controls. It would be a shame to always play the game with point and click controls to get to various locations without keyboard directional play.

Lastly, Hero’s Song is currently slated to come out for PC on November 7th. For more information on this game and the devs, you can hit up

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