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Odyssey: Myst Style Puzzle Adventure Releases Teaser Trailer

At first glance, Odyssey looks like a game from the Far Cry or Uncharted series with its beautiful tropical paradise scenery and high quality graphics.

But Odyssey‘s developers, The Young Socratics, compares the gameplay closer to the classic puzzle adventure game, Myst. The story follows a family that has become trapped and stranded on an island while on an archaeological excavation. However, the only humans in the area that could possibly rescue them are vicious pirates. Fearing for their safety, the family has barricaded themselves behind complex puzzles to keep out any attackers that wish to do them harm.


One of the main characters in Odyssey is 13 year old Kai, who has sent out a distress signal message for someone to come and save her family, and that is where you the player come in as you intercept the message and decide to go rescue the family, but you must first solve the complex puzzles to reach them. The idea behind the puzzles was the the pirates weren’t very smart, and only someone with intelligence could solve the puzzles to rescue them, thus, the family would know that their savior was not part of the band of pirates.

The developers say that the puzzles will be in systematic order of ideas for astronomy and mechanics, progressing from basic ideas and concepts and moving up in history to more modern concepts and complex puzzles. With every puzzle you solve you will move closer to discovering both the stranded family that is trapped on the island, as well as the great treasures they have discovered on the island. The developers released a teaser gameplay and story teaser trailer, so I linked it own below so you can get an idea about what the game and the puzzles are like.

Odyssey is still pretty early in development and has a pretty long ways to go for development. The team has put together a Steam Greenlight concept page just to share the idea and to gain exposure, and they plan on launching a Kickstarter campaign soon to raise additional funds to help complete the game.

If you are interested make sure to also follow their progress by visiting their official website  to stay up to date with all the latest news and follow the game’s development.

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