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1429510cookie-checkPixel Princess Blitz Combines Strategy RPG With hack-And-Slash Gameplay

Pixel Princess Blitz Combines Strategy RPG With hack-And-Slash Gameplay

Don’t let the name for Pixel Princess Blitz fool you, this isn’t in the cliche retro pixel-art style that has become popular in the last few years. Lanze Games has put together a roguelike action survival game that mixes RPG elements, strategy and hack-and-slash combat into a single game.

Graphically, Pixel Princess Blitz reminds me of Frenchbread’s Ragnarok Battle Offline, because it has a similar aesthetic style. Gameplay-wise, Pixel Princess Blitz has a similar theme but does things a bit differently. The battles take place in a more 2.5D arena style setting so that you can move around up down, left and right, instead of being stuck in a sidescrolling 2D plain.

You will also be able to customize the protagonist a bit with her stats and class, choosing from a warrior, ranger, or wizard, as well as choose your backstory skill set of adventurer, spelunker, or negotiator to help shape your starting playstyle and add more replayability and variety to the gameplay.


Pixel Princess Blitz also plays out a bit like a tabletop strategy survival game, where you travel and scavenge to look for supplies, visit nearby villages, use cards to perform special actions such as searching the area to expand your view range of the world map, or use other skills to aid you in other ways. From what it sounds like, you will need to eat, sleep and take care of your stats to avoid illness and other life threatening dangers, but so far no other details were released about how this system actually works.

Similar to turn-based strategy games that has a fog of war, Pixel Princess Blitz works in a somewhat similar manner, and the map has random encounters and events that you will have to play through that will affect your journey, so you will have to travel cautiously to survive. To make the events and story actually matter, the developers also say that the game will have multiple endings.

The enemy factions also travel around the map to make things a bit more interesting. So far, the developers have revealed three factions, the Veradian Resistance, the Pale Horde, and the the Wild March, but it is unclear if all  of these factions will be enemies or if some will be able to aid you in your journey. The developers released a gameplay trailer for Pixel Princess Blitz, and so far it does look quite interesting for a new take on strategy adventure games.

Pixel Princess Blitz is currently in development and scheduled for a 2017 release date, so expect to hear more as the game comes closer to launch, but you can show your support now by voting the game through Steam Greenlight.

For further information and details about Pixel Princess Blitz, you can also visit the official website to learn more.

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