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1429400cookie-checkSky Noon Features Multiplayer Grappling-Hook Gunslinger Action

Sky Noon Features Multiplayer Grappling-Hook Gunslinger Action

Quite a few games have been popping up recently with grappling hooks, I don’t know if it is because of Titan Fall 2 or the Attack On Titan Gary’s Mod add-on that introduced a similar feature, but Sky Noon has taken that concept to incorporate it into fast-paced online multiplayer action.

Developers Lunar Rooster has created a western high-noon first person shooter, but the twist is that it all takes place on floating sky islands with a bit of steampunk technology. In Sky Noon, players will be armed with two weapons, a grappling hook in their left hand and a pistol in their right. The cool part about the grappling hook is that it isn’t just used to travel and swing around the stage, you will also be able to use the grapple to pull enemies and objects towards you as well to use the grappling hook strategically while in combat to turn the tide in your favor.

As a bonus, based on the description for the game it sounds like you will be able to customize your character’s appearance to make them look a bit more unique, its not clear yet if that also extends to customizing your gear and loadout as well.


Pistols and grappling hooks aren’t the only weapons and items you will have to use in combat, you will have the option to use a shotgun, dynamite, jet boots, a teleporter, portable booster turbines and jetpacks.

The battles aren’t extremely large, but you will be in combat with up to eight other players all duking it out to dominate the skies. Additionally, there are powerups and abilities hidden inside the objects around the stage to aid you in combat. The developers put together a gameplay trailer to show a bit of Sky Noon‘s action, so check out the trailer linked below.

No release date is set just yet and it is currently pending as “to be announced”, but they have put up a Steam Greenlight page for those of you interested in supporting the game. For additional information and details, you can also visit the official Lunar Rooster website to learn more.


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