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1429240cookie-checkSlain: Back From Hell Slashes Its Way Onto Xbox One October 21st

Slain: Back From Hell Slashes Its Way Onto Xbox One October 21st

Wolf Brew Games’ Slain: Back From Hell has already released on the PS4 and on PC. The game has been lauded by critics as bringing gamers the kind of hack-and-slash adventure that gamers expected from the original title. The Xbox One version was supposed to launch shortly after the PC version but it ended up getting delayed. Wolf Brew Games and Digerati ended up having to delay Slain: Back From Hell for the Xbox One to October 21st.

The game features up to six hours of gameplay, which is about standard for the games made back in the 1990s. Slain is actually an homage to the hard metal and 16-bit hack-and-slash themes from back in the 1980s and 1990s. In fact, Slain has been hailed as a cross between Castlevania and a Van Halen concert.

The game features elemental based weaponry and challenging enemies that are affected by said elements. There three different weapons to utilize in the game, secret locations to uncover, multiple boss levels, platforming puzzles, challenges and traps to overcome. Additionally, all of this will be taking place while Curt Victor Bryant’s soundtrack blares in the background. You can get a small sampling of what’s in store for Xbox One owners with the trailer below.

I love the atmosphere and design of this game. The Gothic architecture, the Viking weaponry, the horror-gore combat and the hell-beast minions makes Slain: Back From Hell feel like a game that should have been on the Sega Genesis but someone forgot to slap a box on the store shelves, so it was delayed by 20 years and is now just making its way to the market.

As you can see in the trailer above, they’ve retooled everything about the game, from the combat and the counter-attacks to the controls and enemy animations. The entire game was overhauled for the better and both critics and gamers alike have absolutely fallen in love with the hard-as-nails, Gothic-and-slash game for PC and PS4. It won’t be long before Xbox One owners join in on the gory festivities when October 21st rolls around.

Slain: Back From Hell will be available on Xbox One for $14.99. For more info feel free to visit the official website.

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