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1430390cookie-checkSlain: Back From Hell Now Available On Xbox One

Slain: Back From Hell Now Available On Xbox One

The heavy metal Castlevania-style side-scroller from Wolf Brew Games has finally launched on the Xbox One. Slain: Back From Hell is currently available for digital purchase from the Microsoft store for $14.99.

The game has been really making waves with its heavy metal, Gothic-themed soundtrack from Curt Victor Bryant, and the unmistakably inspired demonic palette from Andrew Gilmour and the rest of the team from Wolf Brew Games.

Nick Alfieri, Director at Digerati commented in the press release, saying…

“We are really excited to have Slain hit Xbox One during this Halloween month!” […] “Our community has often drawn comparisons to Castlevania and we’re hoping Slain, with its gory combat and dark metal soundtrack, can be a classic Halloween hit as well.”

I love the look and theme of Slain. It reminds me of a no-nonsense version of Geralt from The Witcher trapped in a 16-bit version of Beowulf.

You can see the game in action with the launch trailer below, featuring some awesome sprite artwork and equally magnificent animations for the characters and environments. Check it out.

That ending segment in that trailer… I never get tired of seeing that.

The game wasn’t always the paragon of badass, though. Slain had some issues when it first launched, being lambasted for poor controls, the lack of customization for the controls and really stiff combat. The team went back in and made some patches to update the game and smooth everything out like wet cement replacing that block in the sidewalk that used to have “Mailman + Wife = You” finger-drawn in front of your house by your missing dad, and then managed to bring it in tight and make the gameplay fast, furious and responsive.

After launching on Steam, getting fixed, and then launching on PS4, Slain is now available on the Xbox One. You can pick up a digital copy from the Xbox Store or learn more by visiting the game’s official website.

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