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The Last Guardian Goes Gold For PS4

After a decade of waiting, Team ICO’s The Last Guardian may finally arrive on store shelves… assuming that the game going gold is any indication of its actual completion.

Shuhei Yoshida, the president of worldwide studios at Sony Interactive Entertainment, made the announcement on his official Twitter account, informing the gaming community that after waiting years, and years, and years… The Last Guardian has official gone gold and development is complete.

This is great news. It’s also a little weird that originally one of the developers made a post about it on Twitter, informing people that The Last Guardian had gone gold, but then they deleted the tweet. I’m not sure what happened but maybe they got cold feet in case someone from management came storming into the office and saying that The Last Guardian is delayed one more time.

Supposedly the game is due for release this December on the PS4. No word yet has been made if the game will take advantage of the supposed 4K capabilities of the PS4 Pro (and I’m still going to wait on Digital Foundry’s benchmarks before assuming that the PS4 Pro can actually do native 4K at reasonable frame-rates).

The game features platform puzzle-solving, an endearing story surrounding the giant flying dog-bird and the little boy, and… I don’t really know what else is in the game because despite being in development for 10 years and having a E3 trailer release like every other year, they don’t actually talk much about the actual game.

Anyway, there will be platforming, there will be some physics-based elements, there will be interactions with the giant dog-bird and there will hopefully be polished gameplay. With the game having gone gold and the master disc being sent off to the printing press, we should be seeing this PlayStation exclusive on store shelves sooner rather than later.

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