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Titanfall 2 Campaign Gameplay Walkthrough

Respawn Entertainment’s Titanfall 2 is expected to be one of the big games of the fall season, and with it out and available for games on the Xbox One, PS4 and PC, a lot of people are curious about how well the campaign mode works, along with accessing the secret ending, getting through each level and mastering the Titans. Well, there’s a walkthrough available for Titanfall 2 covering the campaign mode from start to finish.

YouTuber GamerrZombie has a complete walkthrough of the Titanfall 2 campaign up and available in video format that you can check out below.

On the way to planet Typhon, players take on the role of rifleman Cooper while getting instructions from Captain Lastimosa. You’ll first need to do some obligatory tutorial gameplay to teach you how to move, how to look, how to shoot, how to dodge, how to duck and how not to die.

You can either race against other ghosts by players or exit and play the real game. There will be some multiple choice options available during some of the talking scenes, you can usually choose using the up or down button on the digital pad.

The very first mission is a dark, laster-filled fight against the IMC robot battalion. It’s a visual homage to Terminator 2‘s iconic opening.

There’s a strong hint of similarity between Titanfall 2 and Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 , with the violence and storytelling being executed in similar ways.

Following a devastating attack from the IMC and some ruthless villains, players are transferred authorization to use the BT Vanguard class Titan.

The main objective is to then go and find a power source for the Titan, which means battling through the hostile native wildlife to find a battery.

Follow the path through the canyons and up into the jungle cliffs to take out the IMC troops. You’ll have a few options in how you can approach some situations, including using the verticality of the stage designs to get the drop on enemies.

You’ll find the battery for the BT Titan inside of the downed IMC ship up in the cliffs. Once you acquire the battery head outside and follow the objective mark back to the BT.

Titanfall 2

After acquiring the first battery, you’ll need to head back into the cliffs to acquire a second battery. Use the double-jump to hop between platforms.

The enemies are more tangible than they are in Call of Duty. They have conversations and will be a lot closer to you than in most other Call of Duty games. There are also opportunities for stealth takedowns, so survey the environment first and watch out for turrets or flying drone scouts before diving into the fray.

Climb through the drop ship and get a hold of the second battery. You’ll find the second of two collectible helmets just outside as you head back to BT-7274.

More tutorial gameplay will ensue as BT will teach Cooper the basics of operating the Titan, using the LB/L1 Vortex Shield to catch incoming enemy fire and launch it back at them. You can also use the shoulder mounted rockets with the the right bumper as a quick way to do some mean damage to multiple targets.

Once you get into the facility there’s a flow regulation gate blocking the way. You’ll need to hop out of BT, take out the ground troops, head up into the control room to open up the tunnel for BT to get into the Reclamation facility and then find your own way into the facility.

If you have trouble finding the control room, it’s slightly elevated. You can only enter the control room through the ceiling, so you’ll have to wall-hop to get inside.

Titanfall 2 - Reclamation Facility

For some of the enemy robots you face in the Reclamation facility, you’ll need to really hammer them in the head. If you blow off their lower body they’ll continue to crawl after you with just their hands.

Once you get through the a few more corridor segments you’ll make your way into a sludge exhaust chamber. Wall-run and double-jump your way up to the top of the cylindrical chamber room to meet back up with BT.

During the segment where BT is unable to provide fire support for Cooper, you’ll need to stay alive while enemy forces encroach on your position. Be sure to watch out for the spider bots that will try to sneak up on you. It’s best to retreat back and circle back around when they attempt to flank you.

The main fight at the end of the Reclamation facility will be against Kane. The boss fight will require you to avoid getting close to Kane to avoid his thermite charge. Use the rockets and the pillars in the room to circle around and get to his back.

There are multiple green canisters around the room that you can use to restore BT’s health when Kane becomes overwhelming. The green canisters can be found scattered around the corners of the room.

Defeating Kane will take you to the next level where you can equip a new weapon if you want… the Scorch. A grenade launcher.

Titanfall 2 - Scorch

You’ll need to make your way through the facility, it’s a standard run and gun segment, involving shooting at multiple soldiers on the ground and taking on multiple enemy Titans.

Later on in the mission you’ll encounter the Brute… a rocket-propelled weapon that you can use to take out foes. There are a few smaller rooms you can investigate throughout the facility if curiosity catches your eye.

At the end of the mission, BT will be captured by an automated cargo security protocol, you’ll need to activate the cargo lift to pursue BT down into the lower parts of the facility. Take out the enemies and follow the pipes to the lower levels.

You’ll have to proceed through a series of platforming segments and small areas facing off against enemy troops. When Ash attempts to kill you by flipping the platform you’re on when she says the “Best course of action is up!” be sure to jump to a level surface to avoid falling into the endless pit.

Titanfall 2 - Time Shift

Ash will put you into a simulation in a mock test scenario where you will have to fight waves of enemies, including fighting off enemy Titans. Defeat the enemy waves and then escape the simulation.

Head through the cavern and slide under the low rock to get to the other side. Ash will begin to scuttle the whole facility. Activate the control panel and use the capsules to get to the top of the blue glowing wall where you’ll need to locate BT.

Head to the other side of the blue glowing wall and then use the rock formation to get into position and wall-hop across the plates traveling across the conveyor to get to the other side and get into BT.

You’ll have to face off against Ash who has a very dangerous set of armament at her disposal. Her weapons are more short-range and devastating, though, so use the asymmetrical verticality to your advantage in dealing with her.

From there, you’ll head into the next level where Cooper and BT agree not to take anymore shortcuts.

Cooper will have to investigate a facility alone since BT can’t fit inside. A time rift surges through the abandoned and destroyed IMG facility. Players get to see briefly what happened leading up to the downfall of the facility.

Players will need to find Anderson, who ends up stuck inside the ceiling. BT will then provide a way into the security building where you’ll have to face off against a horde of dilapidated security droids. Shades of Black Ops 3 are reminiscent in that segment.

Head across the facility and get a hold of the time device to shift back and forth between time.

You’ll need to travel back and forth between time to make your way through the facility. Head through the vent shaft and then move into the computer control room. Head back into time to use the computer device to open the door and then head back to the future.

The door will be open and you can then wall-run across the burning floor to get to the other side. Use the time travel to have the IMC soldiers come through the elevator and then use the open shaft to get to the next floor.

Titanfall 2 - Anderson

You’ll need to switch back and forth between the past and future in order to get through the puzzle platforming segments. It will require timing, skill and diligence. Only the most skilled fingers will be able to make it through.

There is a final time platform puzzle involving falling quickly between fans and fire. Act swiftly to get through the segment.

Anderson’s final log file can be viewed before heading out of the facility back toward BT.

The next mission involves having to get to the control room to use the beacon to warn the Militia about the time machine device that the IMC is using.

The start of the mission will give you access to the Ronin loadout, which includes a short range shotgun and a samurai sword.

There will be a series of platforming puzzles you’ll need to get through in order to get to the arc tool, deep within the beacon’s sub-station.

Simply avoid all the electrical wires exposed on the wall while making your way toward the arc tool. You can easily use the arc tool to get back up to the top by activating panels to make your way around the turbine rooms. It’s another platforming puzzle that will require timing and a lot patience.

You’ll need to reactive the beacon core by going inside and quickly using the arc tool on the green, highlighted modules. BT and Cooper will then have to manually get a working module from the damaged satellite dish, which involves BT throwing Cooper across a gap. You’ll need to perform some additional platform puzzles by using a crane to reposition a concrete slab so you can get across to the other side of the satellite installation.

You can use the arc tool to not only activate doors but also to activate robot reinforcements.

After more crane maneuvering, platforming hopping and some intermittent battles with the IMC, you’ll need to get up to a radial tower where you’ll need to wall run up elevated circular walls to get to the other side.

Reposition the satellite so you can get within parkour range and then go and grab the module.

Platform back to BT and take out the IMC soldiers. BT will throw Cooper up top on another station where more platform climbing will be required.

In the boss fight against Richter, you’ll need to keep from being pinned by his long-range attacks and his shield. Stay on the move and circle his shield to deal damage to him. Remember to time your shield to catch his missile strikes.

Following successfully linking up with Sarah Briggs, the Militia launch a final assault against the IMC before they can deploy the Ark. This includes a large scale assault on an IMC base where you’ll need to fight like a female fending herself off from SJW male feminist rapists such as Matt Hickey in order to get into the base.

Head into the base and and proceed to take out the IMC forces while trudging through each inch of the heavily fortified base.

After taking the elevator to the top of the base, the Northstar railgun will be made available for your Titan destruction needs.

The weapon will allow you to take down Titans in just a few hits.

Titanfall 2 - Northstar

The entire mission it’s pretty much just one giant team deathmatch, so if you enjoy non-stop action violence, “Trial By Fire” will give it to you in spades.

When the Draconis takes flight with the Ark, the Viper Titan is dropped down to deal with Cooper and BT. Players will have to chase down the battle squadron of the IMC and players will have to get onto the Malta battleship, which will require battling against IMC forces from the inside. It’s a high octane mission that is reminiscent to the penultimate mission in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2.

You’ll need to clear out the squads working the gun platforms on the Malta. Use the sniper rifle to get the operators and the gunners.

You’ll meet up with Bear and Barker’s crew after clearing out the guns. Make your way to the Malta’s bridge.

Clear out the bridge crew and then align the Malta right behind the Draconis. BT will be dropped off so you can fight Viper on the front of the hull of the Malta. User the slants and inclines to your advantage for cover.

During the cinematic players will be able to fire at Viper while he battles BT. BT will manage to rip off the pilot hatch on Viper’s Titan and you’ll need to quickly shoot him in the head while he’s exposed.

A series of cinematics will play. Cooper will be given a knife and a gun along with BT’s CPU as he makes his way out of the burning Draconis.

The pistol will allow you to lock onto to targets and take them out with ease. Head outside and install the old BT datacore in the new Titan chassis.

You’ll gain access to the final Titan weapon while making your way to the fold, it’s basic run-and-gun gameplay from here until you get to Slone, another Titan boss.

She uses a long range laser weapon that will absolutely wreck your hull. Be sure to use the environment as cover to avoid being hit by the laser.

Be sure to grab the health canisters often while fighting off the additional Titans helping Slone.

You’ll need to run across the destroyed Ark Fold after BT blows it up in order to get to the dropship, which is in mid-air.

The game ends with Jack Cooper being congratulated by Sarah Briggs and the rest of the Militia as they make their way back to Harmony, following the destruction of Typhon.

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