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1432810cookie-checkCyber Chicken, Politically Incorrect 2.5D Shooter Launches November 21st

Cyber Chicken, Politically Incorrect 2.5D Shooter Launches November 21st

We live in such creatively tumultuous times that games these days actually have to put “politically incorrect” as a selling point in the feature list. A lot of developers have lost their balls and have started focusing on trying to make and sell games to people who don’t play games. They think it’s now an awesome trend to not cater to gamers because they don’t want gamers as their audience.

Well, thankfully we still have traditional developers who still value gamers as their main target audience, and they still market certain kinds of traditional games to that audience… such as Groupees Interactive’s Cyber Chicken.

Groupees and WHOA!, have been working on getting Cyber Chicken up and out to the general public and they wanted gamers to know that their politically incorrect shooter is coming November 21st for $14.99.

The game sees the 6-foot-4 375-pound cybernetically enhanced chicken attempting to get back to his own time while killing and murdering any and everything in his way. He has an obsession with Big Bucks Coffee – with a busty flavor underneath – and carries around a 357,000 Magnum. You can see what the gameplay is like with the trailer below.

It reminds me of Duke Nukem: Manhattan Project. There’s plenty of different weapons for players to use, including flamethrowers, a sawed-off Howitzer, uppercuts and even thermonuclear Uzis.

The chicken definitely has an exotic taste in destructive artillery.

There’s an upgrade feature present so you can outfit your weapons with brand new upgrades and abilities. There are a total of 45 different weapon upgrades available, and you’ll be able to get them by using vending machines sprinkled throughout the 13 different levels, and the semi-open world gameplay that they have available.

New areas are unlocked by blasting through enemies and taking down bosses. The game has 40 original songs on the soundtrack, comic-book influenced cut-scenes and the option to use a keyboard and mouse or a controller.

Again, you can look for the cyberpunk themed 2.5D shooter to launch on Steam starting November 21st for $14.99. During the first week of being on sale you’ll be able to get the game at 15% off.

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