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Hitman Episode 6: Hokkaido Walkthrough

IO Interactive released the latest episode for Hitman on the Xbox One, PS4 and PC, which also happens to be the final episode of the season, Episode 6: Hokkaido. It takes place in a fancy, upscale, high-tech resort in Hokkaido, Japan. If you’re interested in how to complete the “Situs Invertus” mission and need a little help finding the neurochip, or getting into the surgery room without tripping all the alarms, there’s a few video walkthroughs to help you out.

YouTuber Centerstrain01 has a walkthrough of Episode 6, “Situs Invertus”. You can check out the video below, where he takes out both Yuki Yamizaki and Erich Soders.

He heads outside and slides down the pipe into the open window to get the neuro chip. You’ll need to head into the bathroom and grab a disguise. Proceed to head into the kitchen and you’ll need to wait for the timing to allow you to kill a cook and get a cook’s disguise.

Centerstrain01 focuses on the poisonous fish kill, which requires using the fugu fish. You will need to grab the cutting knife and then hide in the freezer, kill the cook, hide the body in the freezer and proceed to fut the fish and setup the sushi to be poisoned.

Head upstairs and across the hallway into the men’s bathroom. There’s a man in a reddish orange robe, Jason Portman, that is an opportunity kill. The man’s face is bandaged. Simply subdue him and stuff him in the closet.

In order to do the sushi kill head behind the cook’s counter in the lounge and you will have the option to prepare and serve the poisoned sushi to Yuki.

Hitman Episode 6

Head back to the bathroom where you stuffed Jason Portman’s body. Grab his clothes and put on the disguise and follow the doctor to the surgery prep room, which will set you up to get close to Erich Soders.

Subdue the surgeon and take his clothes. This will allow you to get clothes to Soders.

Head downstairs by using the hallways that lead to the stairwell. Avoid the guards and the elevators so you won’t be spotted.

If you sneak down into the secret surgery room you can distract the two surgeons by throwing an object and then moving into the next room.

You can increase the meds where the other two surgeons are by using the neurochip you grabbed out of the compartment in the room. This will cause one of the surgeons to walk into the secure room with the heart, and two of the guards will walk out of the secure room.

You can subdue the surgeon when he goes into the room with the high-tech heart, and you can subdue the surgeon and then then destroy the heart.

Alternatively, there’s a few alternate methods in taking out both Yuki and Soders. YouTuber RabidRetrospectGames offers a quick 24 minute walkthrough showing how you can get in, nab the kills and get out as Agent 47.

You can head into an alternate room as another person leaves by going around the corner. There’s a guy with a cowboy hat who leaves his room and you can go in and take his cowboy hat. You can knockout both the bellboy and the bathroom attendant and hide them in the stall.

This will allow you to move around on the upper floor a bit easier and grant you access to a pistol. You’ll also be able to take over Jason Portman’s disguise (which seems like a nice play on Jason Statham).

Portman will have a conversation on the phone with Stacey and while walking around the corner you can nab his disguise by subduing him. The public announcement will call Jason Portman to the doctor’s office and you can follow her through to the secure part of the facility.

You can then go through the process of having the surgeon remove the bandages and proceed to knock him out and take his outfit as a disguise. Alternatively you can just head to the stairwell and and head to the mortuary where Soders is.

You can use the cowboy hat to throw it at one of the surgeons in the morgue and then punch the other doctor out.

Head into the secure room with the heart and you can either use the gun to shoot and kill the guards or you can punch the crap out of the guards until they’re subdued. Head into the security room to destroy any video evidence they may have of Agent 47. and then use the guard’s outfit to exit the mortuary.

You can head into the garage and grab a wrench and then head up the stairwell and exit down the hallway when the coast is clear.

If you don’t want to create suspicion you can head into Yamazaki’s room as quickly as possible, and then grab the cigarette pack from the counter (do so while still dressed as a guard). Head onto the balcony and quietly subdue both the guards. Place the cigarette pack onto the chair and then cut the hose so the gas starts to come out of the lamp post.

You can wait for Yuki to go out on the balcony and while she begins to smoke with the gas leaking from the lamp, just wait for her to walk by the lamp and she will blow up and off the balcony.

Both targets will be killed and you can then head to an exit to complete the stage.

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