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Icey Guide: Here’s How To Find The Secret Ending

There are a lot of secrets and stuff sprawled about in publisher X.D. Network and developer Shanghai FantaBlade’s Icey. The game doesn’t really need a guide for all of the trophy achievements, but it does call for a guide to achieve the secret ending. Icey is out now for PC via Steam.

Are you looking to get the secret ending in the game Icey? Well if so, hopefully this guide will help folks with a video gameplay guide by Aquayonic5, and with a text-based guide to obtain said event. The alternate ending can be seen below thanks to Aquayonic5 for posting up the video.

For starters the text comes in courtesy by a gamer named Kos-Mos, who compiled a nice guide for Icey fans to use to get whatever it is they are looking for in the game. You can read Kos-Mos guide by hitting up the Steam Community page.

Upon getting 32 trophies and completing the game you will get the last two trophies that will give you the ending above. You may be asking how do I get this special ending? You will need to input the master’s name to receive the special ending.

In addition to those who are still a bit lost I’ll throw up some images to help visually guide folks. Head to the Clock Tower 2F location and then to the Town area and enter through the middle, as seen in the images below.



From here you will learn the name of H.P. Lovecraft’s “Hastur the Unspeakable”, which only calls for the first part — Hastar. This is also noted in the ASCII lettering with the numbers 72, 65, 83, 64 (or 84), 85 and 82, which translates into Hastur — or Has@tur.


If you want to look at the full list of trophies you can check out the official list over on Steam’s Global Achievement list. If you want to look over the full guide again, to obtain all the trophies and achievements, you can visit Kos-Mos’ guide by jumping over to Steam’s Community page.

Icey is out now for $10.99 and is available for PC via Steam.

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