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15 November 2016

Owlboy Guide: How To Find All Gold Disks And Their Pillars

It seems as if a lot of people are still searching for Owlboy stuff, and plenty of people are looking to find  gold coins, pillar locations and where to insert each of the three coins. In this guide for D-Pad Studio’s Owlboy, folks who are stuck will learn how to find the aforesaid items and locations.

Admittedly it will take a while trying to find the gold coins or disks in the game, as well as trying to find each of the pillar locations that call for you to insert each coin in their hollow slots.

During your first playthrough a lot of things will pass by you without knowing that a simple passage will lead you right there to either the gold disks or the pillars, kinda like the secret passage in the Owl Temple leading to one of the gold disks teased behind a wall.

Most people who are in search of these kind of tricky achievements sprawled around games like visual guides — as in watching videos. If you are like me and can’t stand missing out on one trophy or seek to find the last secret achievement, hopefully these two videos by YouTuber Skippo will help you out with the disks and pillars.

You can watch the first out of two part video series showing where all of the three disks are located, and how to obtain them. I should note that the hardest coin to obtain is the one in the Owl Temple, which calls for you to drop your partner and smash up to the wall to collect.

The second video reveals each of the three pillar locations for those who are having trouble tracking them down. The video is far shorter in length compared to the video above, which should make watching or skimming through a lot easier.

Owlboy is out now for PC and runs for $24.99 over on Steam and GOG.

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