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1432910cookie-checkPersona 5 Delayed To April 4th, Will Include Japanese Audio

Persona 5 Delayed To April 4th, Will Include Japanese Audio

Atlus recently announced that Persona 5, the highly anticipated next entry in the ongoing Shin Megami series, has been delayed for its release in the West. Originally it was due to drop on February 14th next year, but the company recently announced that the game will be released on April 4th next year for the PS3 and PS4.

Niche Gamer did a quick article letting their audience know that Persona 5 is now due to drop next year on Sony’s systems. The news occurred during a blog post earlier in the day by Johon Hardin from Atlus. However, to make it up to fans they also announced that Persona 5 would also feature the original Japanese voiceovers, so gamers who prefer subs can clap their hands in glee because Atlus is actually giving fans something to really be excited about.

I know some people don’t mind dubs, but I don’t plan on getting facial surgery anytime soon to fix the structure of my face after having a perpetual cringe smeared across my mug due to the gosh-awful English dubbing in games like Persona 5.

Performance matters… and that’s why some of us stick with subs.

You can actually get your hands on a playable build of Persona 5 at this year’s PlayStation Experience in California between December 3rd and December 4th.

Earlier this year during E3, rep from Atlus revealed that they were taking extra care with the localization of Persona 5 because they wanted to retain the core of the game’s features and the personality depicted in the game’s atmosphere from the characters without compromising it to make it intellectually palatable for Western culture.

At this point, you’ll at least get to play-test Persona 5 ahead of the long wait for spring, 2017 to roll around by visiting the Atlus booth at the PlayStation Experience next month.

And just to reiterate, the dual audio feature will be a free DLC feature for Persona 5. It will be free “forever”.

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