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Watch Dogs 2 Gameplay Walkthrough

Ubisoft’s Watch Dogs 2 takes a different approach to the open-world gameplay setup by focusing more on a hipster, anti-authoritarian group as opposed to the one-man vigilante story of the first Watch Dogs. There are some lengthy gameplay walkthroughs available for people who need them, covering both the main story missions, the side ops and even a little bit of the mini-games in between.

Watch Dogs 2 is about 13 hours in average running time, including some of the side quests. You can skip out on some of the side-quests and complete it in just under 10 hours. The game is available for Xbox One and PS4 and launches November 29th for PC.

The game starts with Marcus Holloway infiltrating a Blume headquarters. Players will learn the basics of hacking during this tutorial mission.

After a cut-scene where Marcus gets invited to the DedSec base after waking up from a drunken night with a mystery lady. Players will need to head to a clothing shop and first get some clothes after downloading some apps to their phones. Simply open your phone and install all the necessary apps to your phone. You can check out the basics from the video below by RabidRetrospectGames.

If you want to partake in a bunch of side missions, the video above goes well out of its way to accomplish that task.

Players will need to drive there where a short cinematic will play. The next mission involves watching the CyberDriver trailer and then going to the movie studio to steal the e-mails and then track down the CyberDriver car. When inside the studio you can use melee attacks to take out the guards and hack the computers using the Jumper as showcased in the video playlist below from RabidRetrospectGames.

Left bumper can access some quick hacks, while the Square button (or the ‘X’ button on Xbox) will allow you to hack doors, laptops, cameras and phones. The left digital pad deploys the Jumper, which can interact with closed circuit terminals. The Jumper can jump using the ‘X’ button (or ‘A’ on Xbox). When not using the Jumper or vehicles, the ‘X’ button (or ‘A’ on Xbox) will allow you to take cover and wallhug.

You’ll need to head to Nudle Park after getting the e-mails in order to find out where the location of the CyberDriver car is. There are a few guards who can fall for reinforcements if anything goes haywire. As showcased in the video below, you can use things like junction boxes to hack and stun guards.

You’ll need to lose the police by avoiding them. One way is stopping and parking the car and pressing Circle if you’re playing on PlayStation or ‘B’ on Xbox. If you hide successfully the cops will leave you alone.

Once you lose the cops then you can head back to the DedSec garage. The more you do the more followers you gain and the more you level up.

DedSec uglifies the CyberDriver car and gives it remote driving capabilities. The next mission involves driving through the checkpoints before time runs out. You can use ‘X’ (or ‘A’ on Xbox) to use turbo to race through the checkpoints.

The next mission involves meeting Jimmy Siska, but first you need to head to the outside of a New Dawn church.

In order to get into the church you’ll need to use the Jumper to access an open vent on the side of the church. You can then use it to head upstairs and and hack the terminal to download the data from the New Dawn computer terminals. There are two guards around the area that you can disable by using the junction box to stun them. If you don’t take out the other guards on the top floor they may eventually spot the unconscious guards and cause problems, so be mindful of how you take out the New Dawn security forces. Once the data download is at 100% you can then exit.

Marcus will need to pretend to be the auditor, and will call the real auditor to let me him know not to show up, while heading to Siska’s place pretending to be the auditor.

You’ll first need to head to Ghoul to get some New Dawn clothes before heading to Siska’s place.

Marcus find out about The Red Room and has to meet with Miranda to get it. It’s a simple destination mission that opens up another missoin that involves stealing a computer for the registry of occupants of New Dawn.

You’ll find some key data of New Dawn at a gazebo in their compound. The registry of occupants will be located inside a secure hut on a drive.

You’ll also need to rescue Jimmy Siska who’s handcuffed inside one of the main indoctrination houses. You won’t have to escort him out, he’ll magically get out on his own.

You can meet up with him on an overlook just a short ways away from the Scientology-style prison camp.

Head down to the New Dawn temple just a short ways away and hack your way inside. You can use the hacker vision to spot out all the guards and potential entry points into the facility.

Take out the guards, either stealthily or loudly, it doesn’t really matter, and then complete the hacking puzzle by feeding the blue power lines into the locked nodes. When all sides of a locked node are being fed power, activate the locked node to feed power into the next set of nodes and rinse and repeat the process. You’ll find a way to unlock the nodes with the video above at the 16 minute mark.

The next mission involves a mission similar to the real life American elections involving a social media giant named !Nvite working with Congressman Thruss to manipulate voters.

You can check out the video below to see where you need to go in order to get to the mission area.

Head under the bridge and up on the building with the crane. Use the hack to lower the crane and then raise it up and rotate it over to the billboard of Congressman Thruss. Hop down onto the building and use the Jumper on the junction box on the opposite side of the fence to unlock the gate. Head up the ladder and deface the Thruss billboard.

Proceed to the front of the !Nvite building to start the next mission.

It’s a lot more logistically complex than the previous missions, requiring a lot of monitoring and security scouting before going into the building. You can use the drone to head through an open air duct outside and then disable some security measures and distract some of the security forces to make it easier for Marcus to get through.

The next mission centers around !Nvite and Thruss rigging the election through voter fraud (sound familiar?) and players will be tasked with stopping them.

You’ll need to infiltrate the military base and beat up the soldiers using Marcus’ haction abilities. The voting machines are sprinkled throughout the base and you can use the explosives to destroy the machines.

In the video at the top of the article, there’s a mission involving nabbing a HAUM truck that allows Dedsec access to a HAUM experimental robot. This leads toward’s a mission where you’ll need to use the Jumper to access a HAUM home and download the server recording data. You’ll find the data center on the second floor in the corner on the right side of the bed. Once you download the data you just need to exit the house and head outside of the mission zone to complete it.

Another side mission involves tapping into the HAUM data retrieval system, you’ll need to infiltrate their base, get to the network core, bypass the security feed to unlock the core and retrieve the data. It’s showcased in the four hour video up top at the 2:55:00 mark.

You’ll need to solve a security access puzzle on the outside of the building before you can access the server core and download the data. It’s easier to download the data from outside the server room as opposed to being inside.

After completing the HAUM missions it opens up another series of missions for Marcus and the Dedsec crew to accomplish.

After reaching a certain number of followers, DedSec will discover that more than a quarter of their followers were being buffered by !Nvite. It turns out that Blume was buffering the numbers with bots. Head to the !Nvite office to hack the computers to trigger the cutscene.

You’ll need to escape from the premises and head back to the DedSec base after losing the cops. You can easily walk out of the building and steal a cop car since there actually aren’t a lot of cops outside of the building.

DedSec gets butthurt over being played by Blume and heads to the Swelter Skelter Festival to unwind. The mission is a basic travel quest involving talking to each member of DedSec to boost their morale.

You’ll need to complete a series of drone access node puzzles to get the dragon at the Swelter Skelter to breathe fire.

Escape from the Sons of Ragnarok and head back to Dedsec base.

There’s a mission involving the Rodentia Academy involving outing an ex-DedSec named Defalt, it requires hacking people who are wearing rat masks.

The rat mask hackers are highlighted on your map so you can easily spot them out with the on-screen indicators and hack them to find out what they’re up to.

The next mission involves getting to the HQ of the recruiters by heading to the silos. You can hack into the Ordinate Academy security setup and download the data from their servers using the camera system. You can also uploiad a virus into their servers to shut their operation down.

The next step in the mission is to track down and damage Ordinate Academy’s stockpile. It’s located in a shipping yard with a few security guards and dogs. You can either go in stealthy or Rambo your way inside. Hack open the storage door and you can use explosives to blow up the crates and destroy the goods.

If Marcus’ phone gets hacked with the Zombi2 virus while you’re spying on people’s phones, you’ll be able to complete the infected mission by tracking down HaDoCk. Simply follow the on-screen markers to the Zombi infected phones and hack the hacked phones.

You’ll need to track down the source of the Zombi2 malware. It’s located near an underpass in a bum alley, as showcased in the image below.


There are a number of other side missions featured in the video above, including tracking missions and other side-ops such as hacking into the ctOS bank teller ATM system to give people free money.

The ATM exploit mission lets you give money or take money from people but doesn’t really do much else. You can use the left and right pads on the ATM machine to either give or take stuff away from . You’ll basically have to keep venturing around the city to test out the app at different locations. Follow the on-screen markers to each location and hack the corresponding device.

For the main Blume campaign missions there’s a video below that clocks in at seven hours, featuring only the story missions and cut-scenes.

The main Blume missions includes hacking into the homes, phones and servers of the people associated with the corporation and ruining their lives, finances and jobs.

You’ll need to hack into ProviBlue’s servers to further expose the people working their and their associations with Blume.

Another mission involves disrupting Cole Laing’s pedophile ring. Steven Bader, will be the next target, this time messing up his workout routine by screwing up his treadmill and forcing him to slam into the machines behind him.

There’s another mission that involves helping Aiden Pearce from the first Watch Dogs avoid being sent into a trap after he takes out some gang members. You can use the camera to help Aiden, who is in a jail cell. A distraction to the guard’s phone will allow Pearce to beat the guard up, cause a blackout and escape.

Given that you can do some of these missions out of order or in between side quests, it may be difficult to follow but MKIceandFire have a walkthrough that takes a more linear approach from start to finish.

The next mission involves accessing Nudle’s server farm. You can get into the building and attempt to use the security camera system to interfere with Brody Goodale’s conversation by using the phone to interrupt the conversation.

You can access the camera under the desk to then access the robot. The black guy will write on a sign and ask what floor you’re on. You can proceed toward the central server of Nudle and plant a backdoor.

Horatio will need help and a short cinematic will play as Dedsec helps him out and you will need to exit the Nudle building. A drain access will open up and you can use it to get through the maintenance area. Follow it toward the open access in the ceiling.

The next mission involves tracking down a swatter named Pr0-Lapz who was claiming to be part of DedSec while swatting people. You simply need to head to the hacktion point and hack into his house and then call the police on him.

The mission after that involves tracking down a a doxxer using payphones to doxx members of DedSec. Simply follow the coordinates to each location and then track the main source of the doxer by following the markers. Hack into their location and then erase their server drives using the camera to complete the mission.

You’ll need to switch the playlist that the Prime Eight members were going to use to doxx DedSec on air. You’ll need to go to the transmission tower and hack into the system. You can simply use the jumper to hack the junction box and then use the drone to hack the satellite to have Prime Eight doxx themselves on air.

Dusan Nemic from Blume hires an SJW named Lenni to disrupt DedSec’s operations. You’ll need to visit an alternative SJW hangout and then visit the diner where the Sons of Ragnarok hang out. You can use the jumper to sneak into the biker gang’s base and hack their servers to destroy the ATMs. Escape the compound to finish the mission.

You’ll be enlightened to hear a very lengthy conversation about who wins between Aliens versus Predators.

You ‘ll hear the conversation while traveling to the Sons of Ragnarok bunker on an isle. Simply take out the guards and hop down into the bunker.

Watch Dogs 2 – SJW

Grab the Prime Eight decryption key from the hard drive and then use the node access puzzle to turn off the failsafe to complete the mission and defeat the rogue SJW.

The next mission involves stopping an undercover cop ring where the police are working with gang members to smuggle rides.

Head to Oakland and examine the side of the upper level of the housing structure to hack into ctOS and spot out the cops dealing with the gangs. Plot out your tactics for taking out the car and drive it to the bridge to complete the mission. You can dodge the gangs and cops by driving up over the hills and getting back onto the freeway.

Head to the next checkpoint and hack into the security system to profile the chaos by walking over the markers and hacking them. After disrupting the police operations make a daring exit.

There’s another corrupt cop deal with the Tezcas that you have to profile. Rinse and repeat the same methods as before, except this time you’ll need to steal an ambulance with a dead body in the back. You can create a hacking distraction and then steal the ambulance during the shootout.

Proceed toward the Alcatraz prison and head to the roof to hack the system and monitor the police activity. You can use the drone to hack the computer inside and free a gang member being held in one of the cells. Hop down off the roof and you can stealth your way out of Alcatraz and use one of the boats at the dock to escape.

The next mission involves spying on people spying on DedSec. You can either kill them or beat them up. It turns out that it’s a Party Van and housing the FBI. You’ll need to download the data from the van and then make a getaway.

The FBI will be watching DedSec so communication is kept to a minimal and requires face-to-face meetings. You’ll need to drive to a cafe to meet Wrench and then get a mission to scope out the FBI.

Watch Dogs 2 – Wrench

Head to the FBI headquarters and use the elevator to head upstairs. You won’t need to sneak into the building, you can just walk in.

Head to the roof by passing through the halls. You’ll need to incapacitate the guards and hack the atenna up top. You can use the Blume junction box to open an area for the drone to move throughout the building and distract the FBI guards, or you can simply stealth your way up top and hack the ctOS junction.

Head back down into the FBI server room and download the data. Stealth your way out of the building or go out guns-a-blazin’.

Wrench will mark on your map another transceiver spot for the antenna. You’ll need to do another drone triangulation puzzle to access the antenna. You can see it in action at the 4:38:00 mark in the full walkthrough video above.

You can then hack into the FBI’s hideout camera where Dusan Nedemic will question Wrench.

Marcus decides to become Action Jackson and infiltrate the FBI’s hideout to get Wrench’s emoji mask back. You can use the jumper to get inside the base and hack the FBI’s secret hideout servers as well as get Wrench’s mask back, which is in a central reception hub.

The next mission involves checking out ctOS junction hub boxes around the Oakland neighbor. Simply follow the markers and read the e-mail texts until you get to the hub. You won’t have to do anything when you uncover the hub but listen to the conversation.

Horatio ends up getting kidnapped by the Tezcas gang. Head to their hideout by following the navpoint. You’ll find out that Horatio got captured and stabbed to death by the gang members. Follow the nav marker to track down the gang members and exact some hacker revenge on them by downloading data from their servers, which is conveniently located in an apartment complex just outside.

Use the data to destroy the Tezcas’ drug supplies and then “neutralize” the three gang members who murdered Horatio. Take out Pablo from the Tezcas’ main dogfighting hideout, and you can even use the drone to do all the heavy lifting for you.

Watch Dogs 2 - Horatio Dies

The next mission involves taking Ray back to his house and then head to the space Galilei institute.

Patch Ray into the security system using another node puzzle. You can enter into the Galilei institute through tourist facility and then hop the security wall. You’ll need to take out a guard and stealth your way into the rocket room. Use Marcus to head into the area with the motherboard computer and then take the modified board to the rocket head on the top level.

During the satellite mission, access the hub in Dublin, Ireland. Use the camera to bounce over to the wall camera and activate the alarm to get the IT tech out of the room. While the one lady is on the phone, access it to get the key to unlock the computer access point.

Bounce between the satellites to activate the server data farm hub in Dubai. Use the camera to the right of the computer room to access a decryption key server in the room next to the IT tech. This access key will allow you to access the rest of the servers by uploading a virus to the server farm.

At the the next server farm, in South Korea, overload all of the computer stations to take down the network. Access the Delaware server farm next by using a camera and then accessing the drone inside the server room. Download the the data to complete the mission.

The final mission is against Dusan, after disrupting his satellite plans and discovering the Chinese hackers playing into his plans.

The game switches over to Sitara, as players take control of her in the final mission. You just have to follow the navpoints and parkour up to the ctOS junction box and download the data through the camera hack.

The next part of the final mission involves playing as Wrench. Wrench will need to unlock Blume’s vault door, so you’ll need to blast your way into the location. You’ll need to blow up the campus servers and the backup generators using explosives, so make sure you bring plenty of explosives.

Marcus has one last mission to infiltrate Blume and put all the data out there to the public by infiltrating the servers.

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