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Yakuza 6 Live-Stream Video Reveals New Clan Creator

If you have missed the latest live-stream event showing off Yakuza 6 by Sega, then there is some good news in that you will be able to catch some of the gameplay in a new video, which is also accompanied by a new trailer for the game’s live action drama Yakuza: The Soul of Life.

First let’s take a look at what the new live-stream has in store for folks seeking to get a look at what Sega has accomplished so far for Yakuza 6, which basically revolves around the Clan Creator mechanic. The new Clan Creator lets players gather their own clan members to build a team to counter the organization JUSTIS.

The Clan Creator mode also explores melee combat with large groups, in which these large scale battles can be won by giving your allies commands and leading them to victory.

The clan system is broken down into gangsters and bosses, the former have low sortie cost while the latter are more expensive but their combat capabilities are much higher.

In addition to the Clan Creator system there are five different types of gangsters, including the well balanced “Brawler”, the long-distance “Pistol Soldier”, the tough “Strong Arm”, the dangerous “Assault Soldier”, and the grenade-chucking “Bomber”.

When roaming about in the city it is said that folks will be able to recruit more bosses to join their clan by befriending them. The bigger your clan is the better your chances are of taking down and countering JUSTIS.

Part of the live-stream can be seen thanks to YouTuber Kirill Yurievna Abanova, who posted up close to 50 minutes of gameplay footage of Yakuza 6.

Before signing out, there is a new TV drama that will be airing on the Geo Channel in Japan on November 30th that Sega announced during Sega Fest 2016. The show will feature an original story but in the setting of Onomichi to Kamurocho, with a cast of characters who look up to the legendary Kazuma Kiryu.

The series will be supervised by Kan Eguchi, while the theme and music will be done by the band Shonan no Kaze. As for the cast folks will be following Shono Hayama, Shoudai Fukuyama, Mai Tezuka, Kazuya Takahashi and Kan Eguchi. I should also note that Kazuma Kiryu won’t be in the show he will only be referenced by name.

Yakuza 6 is set to come out in Japan for PS4 on December 8th.

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