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1434210cookie-checkYakuza 6 PS4 Demo Now Available To Play In Japan

Yakuza 6 PS4 Demo Now Available To Play In Japan

Do you like to play free versions of different games? Do you also like to get some early playtime in before an actual game comes out for whatever system? Well, the developers behind Yakuza 6 went up with a free demo for the game that is now available to play via the Japanese PlayStation Store. 

Demos, in my personal opinion, are always a good thing for gamers, and fans alike, thanks to their flexible free design in letting anyone play a snippet of a game and giving them the choice to further support the game by purchasing the full thing or skipping out because it may not be their cup of tea.

Demos also provide a nice spectrum of a game’s mechanics, like how do the controls operate or is the game put together correctly? I’ve played some demos in the past where the game was so broken that it was difficult completing the demo version of the game because it was badly done, which helps out drastically because then you know to stay away until the devs patch the game up or lower its price (or both).

Adding on to the aforementioned, Sega and the devs behind Yakuza 6 dropped a new demo for the game that allows players to roam a specific portion of Kamurocho at their own pace. The demo is out now on the Japanese PlayStation Store and will offer up a playable session once downloaded.

I should note something if you are not aware the demo comes in at a whopping 33.8 GB download, so if you want to get the demo you best do it whenever you find a convenient time in your day.

The 33.8 GB demo will let players explore and play up until the middle of the first part of the chapter, but certain features in the demo will have limited access like play spots and character development.

Looking on the bright side of the demo, you will be able to import all of your progress and save data from the demo over to the full version.

Lastly, Yakuza 6 is set to go live in Japan on December 8th for PS4.

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