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15 November 2016

Yesterday Origins Gameplay Walkthrough

Pendulo Studios’ Yesterday Origins is a very challenging point-and-click game for PC, Xbox One and PS4. The game can easily wreck your nerves and dizzy your brain. Lucky for you there is a walkthrough guide available to help you get through some of the more grueling puzzles and tests in the point-and-click adventure game.

At the start of the game step into the light and press the ‘A’ button on the Xbox controller  (if you’re playing on PlayStation that’s the ‘X’ button), and a young man will be dropped down into the cell with you. Until him by looking at the ropes and pressing ‘A’ again.

Alonso is died, and he has a parchment on his stomach and a “Demon Toad” in his pouch that’s poisonous.

YouTuber Tha14GR has a complete gameplay walkthrough of Yesterday Origins featuring 30 videos that you can check out below. It’s a fairly lengthy game.

There’s a small metal object in the parchment located on Alonso’s body. Use the object to unshackle Miguel.

In order to unshackle the lock you’ll need to first open the inventory and then click on Miguel’s profile picture. Scroll down his body until you see the shackle on his ankle. Use the metal key object to unlock the shackle and proceed to take the torture device, the metal rod, the dirty cloth and the cup.

Combine the Demon Toad and the cup together and when the question mark appears, add the guard’s portrait to the question mark box to rub the frog onto the flask.

Use the metal rod on the fire under the boiling pot and then poke the hog in the stomach to make it squeal.

The guard will throw the cup into the cell to shut the pig up. When he throws the cup into the cell, replace it with the other cup that was rubbed down with the Demon Toad.

Proceed to click on the portrait of Miguel, wrap the cloth around his bare right arm, clamp the torture device on his arm and add the pig’s face to the question mark box.

Place the bloody cloth over the face of Alonso and release the hog so that it eats Alonso’s face. Put the devil symbol from the inventory into the question mark slot to complete the puzzle.

The game will then have you switch over to Pauline. You’ll need to put together a gun from the pieces inside of her cosmetics. You’ll need to get the bullet, the gun and the silencer from out of the equipment and then combine the bullet and silencer with the gun.

Head back into the shower area and combine the gun with the shower to kill yourself because of the wrinkles.

The game will then switch back over to John. Get the coin and the book. The game will switch back over to Pauline and then Boris will show up.

Head inside and take the spray can, the hammer, the ink bottle off the shelf, and the thin brush from the stash.

Talk to Boris to get the Nylon hammer after asking about Baxter.

Use the nylon hammer on the chest bolt to open the chest and get the magnifying glass and the camera.

Switch over to John.

You can head to the front of the antique shop and grab a red napkin from out of the brochure stand on the front desk.

Talk to Boris using John and he’ll talk about his past. At the end of the conversation you can ask Boris about the ink for the printer. Take the ink cartridge and put it into the printer and then print Baxter’s insignia. Give the pipe and the printed out insignia to Pauline.

Switch back to Pauline and click on the magnifying glass. Combine it with the pipe, the insignia, the thin paintbrush and the ink bottle.

Use the spray can on the pipe to finish it off.

Have Pauline talk to John and give him the pipe with the ‘B’ insignia on it. Also use John to take the SD card out of the laptop and give it to Pauline so she can place it inside of the camera.

Place the SD card in the camera and then take a picture of the of the Nio statue. Have Pauline give John the pictures by talking to him about the “Pics”.

Switch back to John and place the pipe inside the wooden box, along with the red napkin and the business card.

Use John to examine the giant cross on the upper floor of the antique shop and place the smaller cross in the larger cross to access Pauline’s father’s diary. Talk to Pauline about her father and then switch back to Pauline. Have her examine her father’s portrait and he’ll mention three sets of numbers.

Examine the base of the Nio sculptor and use Pauline’s fathers numbers on the base to access the Nio’s documents.

John heads to Baxter’s place. You can lie when you talk in the intercom and say that you do have an appointment.

Wait one minute.

Talk into the intercom again and they will allow you to come inside.

Baxter acts bipolar, but as she gets angry you can offer her the gift to help assuage her impertinent behavior.

After you give her the gift and tell her about the Nio, you can examine her place. Look at the samurai statue to trigger one of John’s memories.

Get the spray bottle and spray the letter on the pedestal table to reveal the symbol of the Order of the Flesh.

Use the business card to scrap the dirt inside the plant and then use the sword with the business card to open the letter.

The book will transport you back during the 15th century – a monastery in the deep wilderness, buried from visibility by the snowy cold.

Grab the blindfold when you have control and then it will trigger another cutscene.

You’ll be able to then talk to the other satanist monks.

After you finish examining and talking with the other monks in the dream sequence, examine the cabinet and grab the salt and the compass utensil. Examine the work station in front of you and take the wooden spool.

You can talk to Gines. He’s in the office next door. You can find out more about Miguel, who now goes by the name of Yago.

You can talk to brother Ezequiel in the printing press.

After you finish talking to Ezequiel you can take a broken periscope from his work desk.

There’s also a chisel in the toolbox and a piece of rope hanging above the fireplace.

Use the chisel on the printing presses’ letter ‘E’ mold to bring it out of the casing.

Combine Ezequiel’s portrait with the candles and the pain glass windows and he’ll give you an idea of where the secret library is located.

This will lead you to the secret door of the hidden library.

Pour the sea salt into the basin and then use the to uncork the silver plug at the bottom.

Use the compass on the plaque at the bottom of the painting to reveal a keyhole.

Head back to Ezequiel’s workshop and grind down the silver cork until it’s shiny enough to be reflective. Put the silver into the broken periscope.

Talk to Ezequiel about his missing specs and then head to the open window and look down to see that Ezekial’s specs are down there. Use the rope to grab his specs.

Head back to the room with Botillo and place the letter and periscope on his portrait along with the spool. Then head outside and use the periscope to spy on where he keeps the rest of Ezequiel’s stolen letters.

Head back inside and then use the spectacles on Giuseppe’s workstation to pull the invisible thread and get Botillo to leave his workstation. Grab the letters from the book and head back to Ezequiel. Give him the letters.

Grab the flagellate tool under Botillo’s desk and combine it with the rope. Step out onto the ledge after Botillo leaves and use the makeshift whip to swing into Gine’s office and get the key to the secret library.

After getting the key, head to the Diablo painting to unlock it and access the secret library.

Several cinematics will play along with a few dialogue options that you’ll have some choices in. Following that you’ll play John in his hotel room.

Call reception and ask for dinner and about some of the persons of interest.

Take the chopsticks and use them to pull Amanda’s business card out of the vent.

Use the Wi-Fi icon on the cell phone and then Google up the book to get information about the publishing house.

Call Amanda and setup a date, John will automatically ask Amanda about Leopold Kovac.

You can talk to Leopold about various topics and then return to your hotel room.

There’s an envelop with a Hindi letter inside. Open the letter and read the message. Call Kovac and leave a message asking if he finds your missing cell phone. Ask for a Burrito from the reception and they will bring up a puzzle in a tray.

The solution to the puzzle is: Gines

The tube will open up to reveal a USB stick.

Plug the stick into the back of the television.

Proceed to use UV flashlight on the map above the bed post and find the spot in the middle of the map to discover the meeting spot location.

Talk to the statue and then talk to the gardener. Examine the golf cart with the dog picture and ask the gardener about the dog. He’ll befriend John and let him borrow the binoculars. Use the binoculars on the small boat in the lake to get the frequency numbers.

Head to the bench near the statue and grab the cord and radio controller. On the opposite side you’ll find a photograph and a picture taped to the bottom of the bench.

Use the radio antenna and screw it onto the remote radio controller.

Go to the golf cart and plug the USB cord into the USB slot and then plug it into the remote control. Enter the frequency numbers into the controller and then use the controller on the boat in the lake to bring it to shore. John will take the key from on the remote control toy boat.

Use the key on the box on the pedestal by the statue. The box will reveal another flashback, this time featuring the woman with the red hair.

Examine the exterior and interior of the church as you head toward Gines – looking over the gargolyes and saint statues – and acquire the key, the quiver and a crossbow.

Examine the Celtic cross and then head down into the basement.

Take the torture equipment in the chamber, examine the symbols on the ground, along with the endless pit in the center of the room.

Head into the chamber with Gines and examine the bellows pump; there’s a ring hidden in the crevice.

In the bucket of tools, take the saw.

You can also take a piece of crystal from the bucket and a spool of thread from the shelf. On the shelf with the cup of leather tubes, you’ll also need to take one and the glass bottle next to it. Examine the shelf and you’ll also find a sleeping potion on the bottom shelf with other items.

You can talk to Gines to learn more about the ritual of immortality.

Use the radish powder on the kid in the torture chamber. You can then talk to him and either threaten him or attempt to soothe him.

Question the boy about the available topics and explain to him the escape plan.

Throw the crystal marble into the bucket to distract Gines and create a distraction.

Combine the quiver with the spool of thread to create an arrow line. You’ll need to distract Gines to take the falcon’s glove. Combine the portrait of the glove with Gines, the crossbow and the arrow with the spool of thread. You can throw the the marble into the bucket and then use the arrow with the string to snatch the glove.

Combine quill from the shelf with the piece of paper and combine it with the green eyes, which you’ll receive after talking with the boy. Place the parchment into the leather carrying case and then talk to Ursus and ask about the blood on his leg. He has a torture device; get it from him.

Head outside and use the glove on the falcon and combine it with the leather carrying capsule to give the note to Caytir.

Talk to Caytir about giving her the ring.

Talk to the cart driver outside in the courtyard. Examine the barrels to help with the escape. Put the sleeping potion on the dirty rag to make the driver go to sleep.

Take the robed cape from Caytir and head back into the torture dungeon in the basement. Use the saw on the torture boots to remove the ends.

Combine the red cape with the boy, along with the sawed off torture boots and rope for him to use as stilts. Finally combine the barrel from the corner to finish the escape plan and help the kid get away.

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