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1436230cookie-checkDo Not Feed The Monkeys: Voyeuristic Spying Game Launches In 2017

Do Not Feed The Monkeys: Voyeuristic Spying Game Launches In 2017

Badland Games and Fictiorama Studios announced that they have a new voyeur strategy game in the works due for release on Steam in early 2017 called Do Not Feed The Monkeys.

Luis Oliván, the producer at Fictiorama Studios, explained in press release what the studio’s goal was for Do Not Feed The Monkeys and what they were trying to achieve with the game, explaining in the press release…

“We all have a natural tendency to wonder about other people’s lives. Sometimes the best stories are kept secret … all in the name of privacy. It begs the question: Why miss out on life’s best experiences because they’re not your own? We’re trying our hand at an answer with Do Not Feed the Monkeys. Hope you enjoy the ride!”

Players take on the role of a member of the “Primate Observation Club”. Their motto is “Look, but don’t touch”. Their goal sees members prying into the private lives of unsuspecting members of society, diving deep into the social networks of their online personas, looking through compromised webcams and observing them through hacked security feeds. The game is all about taking voyeurism to the next level.

However, there’s a catch. The Primate Observation Club has one major rule: do not interfere with the people you observe.

Quite naturally this creates a dilemma for the players, because every choice you make – whether that be action or inaction – will have consequences, some more or less dire than others.

The concept of the game reminds me of Cube Zero, which was basically themed around the “look, don’t touch” modus operandi.

The game comes on the heels of other Big Brother-oriented media, including Beholder and Orwell. If this game takes the concepts of spying to a slightly deeper level, I’m curious what the response will be like from the gaming community?

Pricing details and the exact launch date will come at a later time. But rest assured that the game is coming in early 2017 to Steam.

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