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1435190cookie-checkDoom Fifth Free Update Adds Bots And New Mode

Doom Fifth Free Update Adds Bots And New Mode

Bethesda and id Software are still going strong with the current iteration of Doom, and published a new free update that comes in as the fifth major update within the game’s lifespan. The new update brings bots, a new game mode, Echelon 11 (or rank 11) and much more.

Publisher Bethesda has taken to its official site to announce what id Software has cooked up for fans who like to play the newest installment of Doom. The update adds quite a bit of stuff for folks to mess around with, which includes new SnapMap pieces — among others.

Folks who feel bored while playing Doom and seek more soldiers present in the online mode will find that bots are finally here to ease the lonely pain. You can play with bots in both Deathmatch and Team Deathmatch.

Speaking of online competitive modes, the multiplayer ranking system has been increased to Echelon 11. This adds new perks and unlocks the Marine Armor once you’ve achieved or reached said rank.

Furthermore, in other first-person shooter games like Halo and so on, there are ball modes for players to compete in to show complete dominion. Well, that ball mode is now in Doom under the name of Infernal Run. The new mode sees players carrying an eyeball to a goal so that they can score points, which the opposite team most intercept the eye so that they can try and score the eyeball in their goal.

But that’s not all, Community Manager Jason Leavey noted on the blog post that…

“To celebrate all the new multiplayer additions, we’re giving you double the XP in multiplayer from now until December 12 at 12pm ET. So jump on in, play Infernal Run, and work your way toward Echelon 11. We’re thrilled to bring you the latest game update, and we can’t wait to see you create even more epic DOOM moments.”

You can check out the new trailer that Bethesda Softworks posted.

Lastly, just a week from now comes a new DLC that adds even more content to the game entitled “Bloodfall”. Near the middle of the blog post, which you can read by heading over to, reads…

“Oh, and one more thing…


Bloodfall, the final DLC for DOOM, arrives on December 15! Turn invisible as the Spectre Pinky demon across three new maps in our third DLC. Look for more details coming next week.”

Doom is already out now for PC, PS4 and Xbox One.

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