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Endless Dream: Artistic Adventure Shooter Comes To Steam Greenlight

Indie developers Lost In Pixels has recently submitted their artistic adventure, arcade shooter game, Endless Dream to Steam Greenlight.

The story follows Annelie… or at least what is left of her, on her journey to recovery. Based on the poetic official description for the game, Annelie was in a tragic car accident and suffers the fate of falling into a deep coma and losing her memories in the process. Annelie is now trapped within her own mind, an Endless Dream of scattered images and emotions, as she attempts to piece her mind back together to make sense of what happened and attempt to wake up.

The game reflects this as you move through the levels as a strange floating eye in a sea of scattered, dissociated images, navigating the levels and fighting off enemies in you subconscious that attempt to harm you. You will have the ability to shoot some form of projectiles at them to destroy them to progress further. The game developers say that navigating the levels will be complex due to the symbol based puzzles, obstacles and enemies that stand in your way.

Endless Dream will feature 3 uniquely designed dream worlds for you to explore that are both visually different and have unique sounds attached to them, a story about Annelie and her life leading up to the accident, and upgrades to change your attacks with items called “Soulstones”. You will also be able to further modify your shots using the “Combination” menu to add additional effects to your attacks. The developers released a gameplay trailer to showcase their new artistic adventure game, so take a look at the Endless Dream Trailer linked below.

I’m really hoping that Endless Dream has a soundtrack in the actual game similar to the music in the trailer, because it was the song that made the trailer the most interesting in my opinion. A good soundtrack in a game with artistic images can make a huge difference when telling a story and immersing the player into the game world.

So far there is no release date for Endless Dream so check their Steam Greenlight page for additional details and information, as well as their official website to learn more.

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