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Gravity Rush 2 Full Demo Walkthrough

Don’t have a PS4? Maybe you have a PS4 but you don’t have broadband? Maybe you have a PS4 and you have a broadband connection but you don’t have PSN? Maybe you have a PS4, a broadband connection, and a PSN account but you have data caps on your net service because you live in the corporate states of America and Comcast is ram-rodding your wallet’s dollar hole so hard that your butt cheeks get leather burn when you put it in your back pocket. Well, don’t worry about it. There’s a complete walkthrough video available for the new Gravity Rush 2 demo, and you can experience enjoyment vicariously through a YouTuber who has eaten the cost of bandwidth for you.

Cool Game Inside managed to upload the full demo playthrough of the upcoming gravity-flying, 3D platforming, non-conforming combat game. It’s just barely 12 minutes long but you can check out the Gravity Rush 2 demo below.

The demo starts with Kat on a flying ship where players will learn how to run around, jump on platforms and talk to people. Eventually players will land on a port and get a small taste of Kat’s gravity-defying powers.

Using R1, players can break ground with the platform they’re on and direct Kat toward a stationary object, no matter where it is in the air. You can use L1 to stop Kat from defying gravity. She doesn’t actually fly because she doesn’t know how, so instead you manipulate Kat’s “flying” but activating and deactivating the gravity well around her, allowing her to stick to objects, no matter where they’re positioned.

This allows you to stick to objects while on the side of them or even upside down. You can mix and match the abilities to travel in style… or rather, fall in style.

Combat is handled with Square… you can unleash combos on enemies with the basic attack or use Circle to throw nearby objects at enemies. It’s pretty cool because it works very similar to throwing objects using the Force in other Star Wars games.

The environments are also heavily physics-based, so you can easily destroy them in dynamic fashion by hitting objects or by knocking enemies into them.

Gravity Rush 2

You can also use R1 to activate the gravity well and then use R2 to lock onto enemies and then barrel toward them using Kat’s powers.

The demo ends with a nice big ‘ole fight against various ghostly enemies, where Kat gets to demonstrate some of her gravity and fighting abilities together in various combinations.

Previously I wasn’t all that enraptured with Gravity Rush 2, but I do have to admit that the game holds a certain kind of endearing and visually captivating charm about it that helps it stand out from a lot of other titles out there. Also, the use of the gravity powers is very different from any other game out there, and anyone looking for a unique platformer probably will want to keep Gravity Rush 2 in their sights.

You can look for the game to launch in mid January of 2017 for the PS4. The demo is available right now for free over on the PlayStation store.

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