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1436540cookie-checkMafia 3 Free Update Lets You Customize Cars, Race

Mafia 3 Free Update Lets You Customize Cars, Race

Hangar 13 Studios and 2K Games released a free update for Mafia III featuring all new gameplay options and modes for the open-world game, including the ability to customize the cars in the game and partake in street races.

The new customization features allow you to deck out your cars with decals, new aftermarket parts, hood modifications and custom color and livery schemes. They released a quick minute long trailer below to give you an idea of what the new features look like in action. You can check it out below.

In addition to allowing you to customize certain cars in the game, they’ve also added the ability to unlock a brand new race machine in the form of the Griffin Marauder.

The races include brand new circuit lap races and point-and-point races. There are six races for each category and winning them will unlock new parts for your car.

The update features more than just custom cars and liveries… there’s also new outfits for Lincoln Clay to wear, and a new golden revolver.

They mention on the blog post that the races maintain the inspiration that they had from 1960s and 1970s films, writing…

“We’ve said many times that the inspiration for the driving in Mafia III were the classic car chase films of the late 1960s and early 1970s. You’ve experienced it while playing the game – now it’s time to stomp down the pedal and race!”

The 12 new race types will be made available after you have the first sitdown with the three main sub-bosses, which is just a couple of hours into the game.

I wasn’t very fond of Mafia III due to how much content they removed from the game compared to Mafia II, but at least Hangar 13 is sticking with the game and rolling out some free updates.

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