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1434740cookie-checkPSX 2016: Uncharted: The Lost Legacy Coming To PS4

PSX 2016: Uncharted: The Lost Legacy Coming To PS4

There’s a new Uncharted on the way starring Nadine Ross from Uncharted 4 and Chloe from Uncharted 2 and Uncharted 3. The game is still another third-person adventure, and during the PlayStation Experience 2016 event in Anaheim, California, gamers got their first look at the new Uncharted entry with some new gameplay.

The trailer clocks in at a massive eight minutes long, featuring real-time gameplay of the new title. There’s plenty of stealth to spare and a little bit of platforming as Chloe makes her way through a war-torn mid-east region. You can check out the trailer below courtesy of RabidRetrospectGames.

Majority of the trailer is simply Chloe sneaking around. She gets patted down in one scene and saved by a mysterious call to one of the soldiers. She moves through the alleyways and up through the buildings in order to get to the roof where she’s eventually compromised.

Nadine ends up coming to Chloe’s rescue as the two beat up the group of soldiers.

Anyway, the new adventure is due out for the PS4. They don’t give an exact date but expect more about the upcoming release at some point in the near future. Naughty Dog will likely use Uncharted: The Lost Legacy as a way to hold gamers over as they continue work on The Last of Us: Part II.

Based on the trailer here it appears as if they’ve gone a more stealthy route, but it could just be this particular level. Some commenters on the YouTube page are saying that it’s possible this will end up being more like Tomb Raider than Tomb Raider. I can say for sure that Uncharted 4 was definitely more like Tomb Raider than Tomb Raider, so I don’t know if Naughty Dog is going to pull the same gimmick twice. A more stealth-oriented, third-person shooter seems to be what they’re going for, but we’ll find out more when it’s time for them to drop more info on the game.

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