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Riskers Brings Back Classic GTA-Style Gameplay

Talk about retro throwback games. Developer Shut ツ, AKA Shota Bobokhidze, has created a GTA clone called Riskers, and it channels everything the original Grand Theft Auto had to offer in this new arcade, action shooter.

Just like the original GTA, Riskers is a top down shooter that takes place in a large city for you to explore, a variety of different drivable cars to commandeer, and eight different weapons for you to use in combat.

The story follows a man named Rick, a garbage collector, that is working on crafting a better future for himself. I’m not sure how he gets caught up in street racing, gun shootouts, and police chases, but it looks like his plans for a better future may not happen any time soon.

The developer says that Riskers will also feature comic book-style cut scenes for the main storyline, as well as several different types of side missions that you can play for fun. Riskers also features a 24 hour day and night cycle, so the city will change to reflect the different times of day.

Unlike the original Grand Theft Auto that took place mostly on the busy streets of the city, Riskers also has detailed interior levels so that you can go inside buildings and fight indoors. As a bonus, you can also throw chairs at people!

The developer says that he was inspired by both Grand Theft Auto and Hotline Miami when making the game, and I think this inspiration is clear when you see the gameplay trailer that I linked down below.

If you are a fan of the original two Grand Theft Auto games, Hotline Miami and other top down, arcade shooter games, you might be interested in checking this game out. Riskers is currently on Steam Greenlight looking for votes, so if you are interested in seeing this Throwback GTA game officially make it onto Steam, head on over to their Steam Greenlight page and cast your vote.

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