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Sniper Ghost Warrior 3 Gameplay Video Previews Chain-Kill Skills

CI Games had a new video walkthrough made available where players end up in the country of Georgia, venturing to a snowy enemy outpost to complete a mission. The new Sniper Ghost Warrior 3 video starts in a cool way, showcasing a detailed loadout of the different weapons and gadgets you can customize before heading out into a mission.

The actual mission will see him moving to a slaughterhouse near the outpost. Before the mission starts we see a drone being outfitted with some gear, and it’s explained that the drone can be upgraded to spot mines, to be better camouflaged to avoid being spotted, can hack cameras and junction boxes, and can also be used to mark the map with sabotaging opportunities.

The gameplay walkthrough for Sniper Ghost Warrior 3 featuring the new “Slaughterhouse” mission was uploaded to YouTube channel RabidRetrospectGames. You can check it out below.

The tracking in the game is pretty neat, as the video shows Jon having to move through some areas lined with mines. You can use drones to mark the mines on the map, but also use Jon’s tracking skills to spot footprints in the snow to make it through the minefield unscathed.

In the gameplay video we get to see how ambushes work, as well as utilizing the interrogation method to find ways to into secure locations. In one example we see that one of the guards heads over to fix the generator after the player disabled it. Since the guard didn’t turn the generator back on, the other AI went to investigate what happened to him. It’s nice that CI Games has finally taken some steps to upgrade enemy AI like that.

They also explain that there are various ways to infiltrate certain bases, such as using explosives to blow open doors or access ways, or using hacking, or using keycards acquired from guards.

We also get to see the new chain-kill feature, where Jon can quickly take multiple enemies down in quick succession if they’re close enough to each other. You basically use the chain melee attacks when dealing with multiple opponents to take them all out without being noisy about it.

You can look to get the CryEngine powered game for PS4, Xbox One and PC in 2017. For more info you can visit the official Sniper Ghost Warrior 3 website.

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